The Sun Also Rises

A life of booze, dancing, and living, truly living. Carpe diem.

Scandalous affairs, unrequited love, and moral bankruptcy.

I finished the last page of the book as the plane docked at the bridge.

"Isn't it pretty to think so?"

That killer last line, perfectly encapsulates the feeling of longing, regret, and what could have been.

The book teleported me to Europe, to Spain.

It felt like I was there fishing in the Pyrenees, drinking with the expats in Pamplona, watching the bullfights, feeling the heat of the sun and of the people, wandering around the busy town, hearing the explosion of the fireworks, the chanting and cheering of the dancers.

Better than food made a really good video about the book.

I also watched the movie, which gave a face to the characters, and visualized the scenes of the country, the bull fights, the fiesta.

I felt I rushed through the book with the goal of finishing it, so I'm going to read it again in the future sometime.

I'm also going to read more Hemingway, I like his commanding and direct style of writing. It was a joy to read.