Ben's Thoughts 💭

how would I rank the importance of power, money, and beauty
20/06/24, 10:17
“we think we are individuals but we are possessed by our societies”, social technology is the thing that holds society together, church is a technology, so is marriage, soccer, christmas, fashion, vegan, and many other things.
18/06/24, 23:50
"How you talk about your experiences will dictate how you feel about them. Reframing our goals and rewriting our stories are powerful tools. Nobody can tell us how to feel about something. We can make our shortcomings into something beautiful if we want to. How we label an experience can completely change how we perceive it." – Alexi Pappas
18/06/24, 23:47
I’ve seen doctors for my stomach, teeth, skin, and now musculoskeletal, hopefully this one is the last one, also this is arm and legs which is essentially how i do everything so i hope 12 days is enough time to treat it too
18/06/24, 19:35
first time doing a full spine xray, so cool to see what my bones look like, was trying to observe whether I could feel radiation flow through me, i rmbr feeling dizzy right afterwards
18/06/24, 19:32
wow i have mild scoliosis
18/06/24, 19:30
First time trying pork heart today
17/06/24, 22:40
Im so allergic to chinese songs at this point
17/06/24, 22:37
Freedom to do anything caused anxiety, structure with a degree and planning feels claustrophobic, feels like I have to be a different person to achieve all this, but in the end is that the person I want to be? Am I just chasing money? asking myself what it is exactly that I want to do again and it’s such a hard question to answer considering all the other factors like expectations and pressure to “succeed”
17/06/24, 17:13
believe that when the time comes, you’re capable of anything and you’ll be ready to face it. you can start sowing the seeds now, make small steps, figure out which direction to aim, but don’t worry about anything else that’s in the future, focus on what’s in front of you every minute, and do that.
17/06/24, 01:18
i keep seeing my past 6 months as a waste of time for not prepping for interviews it’s so frustrating, my dad said I’ve done a lot, while all I see is all the things I didn’t set out to accomplish. definitely a glass half empty person
17/06/24, 01:16
hi “ben one year from now” if you’re reading this, I hope you already have at least one offer with FAANG, I’m doing everything I can for now, I hope it all turns out well :)
17/06/24, 00:56
went for a light jog after years of not running and I got heartburn, either I have to slowly reintroduce running again or I’m forever like this, I am dejected
16/06/24, 19:31
think with the model, plan with the code
14/06/24, 20:13
can’t rmbr if I was always this slow in comprehending things, I feel like my mind was snappier and faster before. my brain is now fuzzy with math and sometimes reading too.
14/06/24, 18:33
so hard to not treat every second of my existence as an opportunity to do things, to achieve, to make progress, and not just enjoy being, living, it’s like balancing ambition and contentment
13/06/24, 17:35
tiny desk concerts are amazing
12/06/24, 18:51
face is burning and teeth is aching, not a great combo
12/06/24, 15:41
hope this is the last time im doing laser. its so uncomfortable and EXPENSIVE
12/06/24, 10:12
Mom’s friend telling me nowadays wives beat the husbands, so I have to be 坚强.
11/06/24, 21:52
shopping for shoes and dress and bags for friend’s weddings is one of the more frustrating things for women?
11/06/24, 21:50
I cannot stop thinking about Ethan
11/06/24, 21:49
I am so not a fan of pork
11/06/24, 20:04
Is laughing style learned or a natural thing from birth?
11/06/24, 18:32
regretting not working on AI projects and doing research at ISU now, realizing the significant disadvantage I’m at for getting a good job
11/06/24, 12:13
TIL docent, a person guiding people in museums, art galleries, zoos, etc. thinking of volunteering at a book fair in SF, that sounds fun.
10/06/24, 14:10
mixed babies are so lucky, better genes
09/06/24, 23:22
lately when i wake up from my naps my heart is really heavy and my mind confused and I’m worried, maybe it’s because I’m leaving in a few weeks and everything is scary, but also exciting.
09/06/24, 23:22
“Fall in love with some activity, and do it! Nobody ever figures out what life is all about, and it doesn’t matter. Explore the world. Nearly everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough. Work as hard and as much as you want to on the things you like to do the best. Don’t think about what you want to be, but what you want to do.” — Richard Feynman, The Feynman Lectures on Physics
09/06/24, 23:08
Having trouble falling asleep lately, even with exercise, I wonder why
09/06/24, 01:17
how is it June 😵‍💫
01/06/24, 00:41
worked at a Tesla factory but today was the first time I touched a cybertruck in a shopping mall in Malaysia
30/05/24, 13:21
My coping mechanism is Twitter. I open it anytime i feel anxious or bored or when I have to do something difficult.
30/05/24, 11:41
regretting I spent all that time learning swift and not building anything useful and launching it. I hope I got something out of that either way
29/05/24, 22:52
that ml assignment rly stressing me out. it’s like a backburner that’s constantly peckering at me while I try to do other work that has higher priority this week.
29/05/24, 22:51
i have to start managing my finances and budget. what’s a good platform to connect all my accounts. should i just use notion. i’ll use Dime for tracking expenses. It’s messy having 3 accounts and 5 cards.
29/05/24, 22:44
then it wakes me up from doing the things I like and enjoy and makes me go “what am i even doing, I have to be making money”, I have to focus. How are you going to survive in the US?
29/05/24, 22:41
facing money anxiety again as I’m paying 3k for my summer school fees and it’s brining my bank account down to the hundreds again. I’ve been paying for everything myself so far, and the stark realization that I cannot survive on my own.
29/05/24, 22:39
stop sneezing man pls dont get me sick grab driver. i now wish i have a face mask
26/05/24, 22:59
got to try beer after 3+ years , tasted rly good but still experienced slight pain after, not sure if I should still consume alcohol but good to test my limits
26/05/24, 22:38
Been getting so nauseous after eating a little this whole week
26/05/24, 13:35
All uncle and aunties talk about is either church or other people’s children or politics
26/05/24, 13:33
i never knew my entire high school education cost 80k that’s so much money
26/05/24, 12:59
Food tastes so good, haven’t truly appreciated the fact that I can eat almost anything again, no more worrying about whether I can eat something every time I’m outside
26/05/24, 01:12
French kiwi tastes so good, and it has high Vitamin C, adding it to my list of fruits that I will buy
26/05/24, 01:12
Was reminded again how lucky and privileged I am, to be able to study at an international school and overseas, and how ungrateful it is to waste time overthinking and not doing, comfort really breeds apathy
26/05/24, 01:12
So nostalgic going back to the church I grew up in, seeing the prayer meeting rooms and main hall where I played the piano and keys, the library, the uncles and aunties who are getting older saying that I’ve grown so much, sign of the times
26/05/24, 01:11
got a sinking feeling that I won’t be able to experience this kind of happiness in my life which I find concerning, I risk self-fulfilling prophecy if I don’t actively reject these thoughts and escape the victim mindset
26/05/24, 01:11
so many mixed emotions at this wedding, and its so weird that I don’t know anyone here, it’s like you entered the wrong room and you cant leave and you don’t know why you’re there
26/05/24, 01:10
Bale was 55 kg in the machinist and I’m 52 rn. How is that possible??
26/05/24, 01:10
I hate how my brain pieces things together and it just makes me overthink stuff and make assumptions, i would trade a life of less neuroticism (but enough for the benefit) in a heartbeat, or at least apply it on something useful and important (how to do this)
24/05/24, 20:48
TIL “>” is called a Chevron
22/05/24, 18:23
It’s so bad I couldn’t eat lunch and napped for 2 hours wow Tuesdays are always the worst for some reason
21/05/24, 16:19
headaches headaches headaches headaches headaches headaches headaches headaches
21/05/24, 12:14
chrome extension to highlight text -> does a search -> provide links for me to copy to hyperlink in my article
18/05/24, 17:34
Don’t count the crops before the harvest, just keep watering the crops.
17/05/24, 18:01
Never knew Canada has a housing crises and has higher living expenses than the US. That’s why so many Canadians come to the US (0.7%) every year.
15/05/24, 19:43
Not entirely sure if my mood swings are largely caused by this or I’m just naturally like this. I think just being busy is the solution. Having too much time to think is the worst.
15/05/24, 18:59
I strive for a dead dog in luggage story in my lifetime
15/05/24, 18:54
I’ll be much happier in sf without a doubt
15/05/24, 18:52
i need to improve on how to present an idea well, relates to learning how to sell, and come up with better questions to maximize constructive critcism. I shouldn’t seek validation, I should seek for reasons why it won’t work and why it will fail.
15/05/24, 17:30
spotify needs to stop recommending me emo and sappy songs
15/05/24, 13:06
postcards but have QR codes at the back to write messages to people instead of handwriting
15/05/24, 13:01
I wonder when I’ll stop feeling this way
15/05/24, 01:54
Winston Churchill assembling a team for an unsanctioned and unauthorized mission to take down Nazis is so cool. There’s so much about the war that I don’t know. They should make more movies like this.
15/05/24, 01:52
Vienna seems like a nice place to live in
15/05/24, 01:49
another day with unfinished work and headaches and longing and tiredness and being home all day and feeling useless and
15/05/24, 01:44
My staring into nothingness and stuck-in-thought sessions overthinking about conversations and people all leads to the same end: I’m going to die one day so snap out of it. Just do what you have to do now
13/05/24, 20:02
Many Indians in the embassy, saw a few students too, wondered where they’re going. I remember feeling hopeful and excited to be leaving to the US. Now it’s more pressure and responsibility and sadness.
13/05/24, 20:01
Wake up at 7am for one day and I take a thousand naps like I’m jetlagged
13/05/24, 19:59
Imma buy a tiny plant and name it like that vlogger in Japan
13/05/24, 15:54
this dude has been staring at stock tickers for the past 3 hours on an iPad, day trader?
13/05/24, 13:51
So many Ang Mos at the linc i like it
13/05/24, 13:35
Louise Bourgeois inscribed into her lifelong diary in her old age — “You are born alone. You die alone. The value of the space in between is trust and love.”
12/05/24, 23:54
I never thought much about green and red flags. All I could think about was curious, ambitious and artistic hmm. And faith.
12/05/24, 00:23
Retiring by 30 is probably dumb and naive, I’m already close to 23 and I still have no solid plans. But maybe planning doesn’t work. The real issue is not having good habits and doing hard things. And surrounding yourself with other great people
12/05/24, 00:21
I realized how insecure I am with people I’m not that close to when she kept saying “Don’t be insecure” to me so many times. I’m too agreeable, afraid of hurting other’s feelings or being judged.
12/05/24, 00:19
I keep discovering so many new artists, I wonder if I’ve learned new patterns through this implicit learning (via curiosity and interest) rather than guided learning, or I’m just wasting time looking at art.
12/05/24, 00:15
need more conversations and hangouts w them, they’re so funny and full of energy, grateful for them
12/05/24, 00:13
11/05/24, 23:12
Johannes Itten — “Everybody has artistic talents”
11/05/24, 20:44
first coffee in 3 years
11/05/24, 11:34
Picasso blue period (pessimistic) -> rose period (optimistic)
10/05/24, 18:08
can’t believe I’m thinking about this again, it leads to nowhere, PLEASE STOP, IT’S NOT WORTH IT BEN. LIVE YOUR LIFE. ALL YOU HAVE IS NOW.
10/05/24, 15:25
Lidocaine pridocaine
10/05/24, 13:28
such a bad use of my night to watch that movie zz
09/05/24, 23:14
all of us wake up one person and go to bed another almost all the time
09/05/24, 23:14
Ox bone soup with glass noodles new fav food unlocked
09/05/24, 13:32
Corporate Identity System: Mind, behaviour and visual
09/05/24, 00:42
It’s crazy how design is everywhere, from packagings and labels to bags and clothes, I wonder if there will be a generalist AI that can design anything for anything.
08/05/24, 20:26
poppies = death, dasies = innocence, pansies = love
08/05/24, 15:50
Note to self: spend at least 20 minutes figuring out a solution and actually reading before using AI. I realized I’m relying too much on AI to solve my problems
08/05/24, 01:46
My code finally worked its so satisfying, but I’ve been spending the past few days only coding this app and not other work. It’s so hard to manage and split up time for other tasks, I find myself fully committing to one or none of them.
08/05/24, 01:33
Currently very excited about the idea of dog walking/sitting for extra income
08/05/24, 01:31
kimchi is sooo good I haven’t had it in 3 years.
07/05/24, 14:35
out like a light
06/05/24, 14:45
Trying to fall asleep and I’m thinking about how I’m leaving home in a few weeks -> how many parents are gonna die one day -> I’m also gonna die one day :D
06/05/24, 01:28
mom calculated all my medical expenses the past 4 months: ~RM37k I should paste this on the wall to remind myself to be more grateful and patient and attentive and caring and loving to my parents.
05/05/24, 21:05
just had the idea to start dumping expenses into a page in notes and let ChatGPT do the categorization and calculation. or is there an app that is super clean and minimal for budgeting
05/05/24, 21:00
suden realization that i’m not even an adult. i’ve never felt what it’s like to be in debt, i always had my dad to fall back on. might be a good time to learn how to finance
05/05/24, 20:58
coding in the car is such a bad idea i feel so nauseous
04/05/24, 18:39
“Fauvism was like an ordeal by fire… Our paints became sticks of dynamite. They were supposed to explode with light.” – Derian
04/05/24, 17:31
I’m actually gonna miss my family and that’s a good sign. It’s a green flag. I’m improving.
04/05/24, 01:52
Stilll can’t believe its May. I have once significantly overestimated my abilities and underestimated the effects of braces, surgery, headaches, staying home too much, on my overall productivity
04/05/24, 01:51
I wonder if SF Ben will be happier, burnt out and stressed and more anxious, but definitely living in the past and overthinking less, socializing, receiving more sunlight, and manifesting
04/05/24, 01:49
The worst thing about bloating is when it prevents me from sleeping, i.e. right now I can’t even sleep cause it feels like my stomach is a balloon and I’m just pacing around the room dumping thoughts
04/05/24, 01:47
I really think people perceive me as high school senior or college freshman. I bet there’s not a single person who can tell I’m a college graduate.
04/05/24, 01:46
The days are really numbered now. But I’m beginning to smile more which makes my mom happy
04/05/24, 01:44
I swear the doctors keep gaslighting me, telling my problems are expected and normal and that I shouldn’t think so much. Or maybe i just overthink everything. He told me “stop reading” lol
04/05/24, 01:44
Chicken katsu is so good. so far Sushi Zanmai has the best. I remember my friend eating it in summer 2022 and that I couldn’t have any fried food at that time, it’s a blessing to eat good food.
04/05/24, 01:43
I like how you can sort of tell people when people are looking at you and how obvious it is that you’re looking at others
04/05/24, 01:41
Im not grateful enough for my parents in how they shaped me as a person today, always asking for more but not thinking about how they could be a lot worse
04/05/24, 01:40
I wanna build an app for high, low, buffalo everyday with close friends and call it HLB
03/05/24, 21:56
“It is human nature to crave connection, as it is also [mutant] nature to be heard, seen, to feel another soul finally seeing yours. Connection is a fragile treasure. One we sacrifice so much to maintain.” - Ororo
02/05/24, 22:16
“What are demons, but reflections of our fears and shame? Things we bury within us, hide from loved ones, even as they poison our hearts. Until we finally heal our adversary by embracing it.” - Ororo
02/05/24, 22:15
“There is no love without sin. For love is best measured in what we forgive.”
02/05/24, 22:15
memories are merely dim images echoing with emotion
02/05/24, 15:18
Today was the worst, i hate staying home, but I also don’t feel like going out. I felt that sense of tiredness and emptiness again. Like a mixture of fear and dread and despair that it will all end and for what?
01/05/24, 01:12
Ive been forgetting how helpful taking deep breaths are, need reminders to do them
01/05/24, 01:11
is it normal to go from i’m tired -> i’m okay -> life is great -> i’m worthless why do i even do things -> what am i living for -> why does anyone do anything -> alright lets do this
30/04/24, 17:50
how much does Carraran marble cost
29/04/24, 00:27
I wanna have my own garden. Advice I read: found what grows well and grow lots of it
28/04/24, 21:34
Im surprised how little opinion I have on things. Am I just accepting everything that I consume without trying to generate my own opinions? I need to be more skeptical and critical of the things I read and of people, I might be too trusting and naive.
28/04/24, 14:08
Might just be Bob Dylan making me sentimental and melancholic
28/04/24, 13:55
Watching students at Monash graduating with gowns and flowers and friends and wondered what my life will be like if I graduated in Malaysia, would I have more friends and be happier?
28/04/24, 13:52
Chapter 1 of wisdom of insecurity is so heavy, every paragraph holds so much weight, it has a lot of fat, requires time and an open mind to digest it.
28/04/24, 13:20
When I imagine my happy place to help fall asleep, I think about the flower garden (Howl), or up in the sky laying on soft fluffy clouds, or in a cozy bookstore with a fireplace during winter, reading good books that makes me feel alive in a different world
28/04/24, 01:15
My brain really likes to imagine scenarios, its either very creative or obsessive or tortured or all of the above
28/04/24, 00:58
new bucketlist: visit Pixar’s HQ in emeryville
27/04/24, 23:40
i need to learn an efficient way of packing with the right bags
27/04/24, 21:55
finished 3 articles today but now my head is throbbing. today was too much productivity.
18/04/24, 20:23
ok i’m feeling the effects a bit i kinda want music now, feeling uneasy and jittery
18/04/24, 15:47
Acts 20:35
18/04/24, 11:37
my frontal cortex is not fully developed yet, check back in 3 years.
18/04/24, 10:33
Im having so much anxiety and fear about this pill esophagitis, swallowing hurts so much rn. And im going HK in two days. I hate my life
17/04/24, 20:32
Need to stop extinguishing my sleep pressure every night around 11 pm and just go to bed instead, maybe my blog is just ruining my sleep
17/04/24, 20:32
i definitely have a music addiction
17/04/24, 18:51
i think i’m bad at asking for help
17/04/24, 15:48
i hate it when people don’t even read emails properly and misunderstand you. like just spend a few more seconds reading it please. just like a warning when you forget to attach files, there should be a “are you sure you undestood this person correctly?”
17/04/24, 13:22
it was so much pain and it lasted for 2 hours, felt so much fear and anxiety about my future, can’t believe a single pill can do so much damange to me. the worst thing about it is I can’t understand why. the surgery has side effects are inexplicable
17/04/24, 00:26
talking to friends and hearing about their problems makes me realize my problems aren’t even real, i’m just bored and in my head too much
16/04/24, 19:00
When I’m feeling sad is it better to play sad songs to feel the same more deeply or play happy songs to get rid of that emotion
16/04/24, 09:57
can’t get a sidebar to work properly and now i’m triggered by spotify’s sidebar
16/04/24, 00:18
shenzhen actually has a lot of interesting places i was wrong
15/04/24, 16:29
i’m so going to try oil panting in Dafen
15/04/24, 16:25
quant trading bonus can be 80% of the pay??
15/04/24, 16:08
I forgot how good solid food tastes
25/03/24, 01:27
Gosh im so weak and thin i hate it
12/03/24, 20:08
11/03/24, 19:56
i haven’t been able to do any real work since the surgery, this fatigue is normal right?
11/03/24, 14:51
i can eat Hiyayakko everyday for the rest of my life
11/03/24, 09:09
I should read Ecclesiastes, I didn’t know it has realism and describes of life “under the sun” as complex and “utterly meaningless” (1:2-3)
11/03/24, 01:13
i have too many backlogs of backlogs of things to read, projects to do, ideas to act on, books to read, courses to do, i’m always overwhelming myself so easily. going to take things one at a time. have to treat my to-read pile like a river
10/03/24, 22:46
observational accuracy is the key to everything. art is about finding your own style based on your emotional response, not chasing some style that's already established
10/03/24, 22:02
western style photography looks for perfection, clarity, and composition, creating almost like a manipulated image. wabisabi philosophy: accepting photos that come into your camera, setting aside perfection. my goal is to take photos that look like faded memories like Daido Moriyama: “where is the boundary between memory and reality?”
10/03/24, 21:32
hard to sleep, too many thoughts, i should read before bed to occupy my brain with other voices
10/03/24, 01:42
i need to get my hands on a Fujifilm Finepix M603, it’s so cool
09/03/24, 19:40
I couldn’t find peace in resting this week, particularly today. i felt frustrated, anxious, and guilty about not doing work. Feels like I’m avoiding hard things and I’m too comfortable with doing what I feel like doing. i need to push myself more but the right amount
09/03/24, 01:26
a little worried i won’t cope in the masters program now, i’m going through some linear algebra and i’m overwhelmed. whenever I come across difficult topics I get anxious immediately, my throat tigthens. I need to approach things with curiosity.
08/03/24, 17:19
old music i used listen to are pieces of me that have died, burried away somewhere deep, and listening back to them is almost like visiting my past selves at the grave, unearthing emotions and thoughts I used to have
07/03/24, 12:12
fresh anxiety
07/03/24, 11:39
what is wrong with me. i got the offer, but i’m not happy?? i don’t know who I am anymore
06/03/24, 10:02
i was craving dim sum so badly today after watching that hong kong vlog, would be cool to visit HK. i need to up my vlogging and photography skills while im here so that when i travel im at least good enough
06/03/24, 01:23
all i can think about lately is x100s
06/03/24, 01:21
The exhaustion i felt today was on another level. i was tired of everything, even reading was hard.
06/03/24, 01:20
nothing feels worth doing anymore
05/03/24, 09:14
a lil obsessed with dominic fike lately
04/03/24, 22:36
great BU rejected me too?? things aren’t looking great for PhD :(
04/03/24, 22:06
I watched so much Ghibli that i can hear random Japanese dialogues playing in my head
02/03/24, 23:34
Can i just skip to April when this is all over. I’m dreading this entire month. What can i even do in this condition. I have that interview assignment due zz
02/03/24, 23:30
my new fav color is Celadon
02/03/24, 19:19
Not such a great idea to leave the hospital and into a shopping mall, saw everyone enjoying good food, hanging out with friends, chatting, and I wanted that too. This entire month is going to be rough.
02/03/24, 17:26
Feeling so weak and useless rn. Wish I was strong enough to take care of myself, but also realizing the importance of family, cant imagine going through this alone and not having anyone around.
02/03/24, 17:23
The Wind Rises felt like the longest Ghibli movie ever. I was so invested in the story. A little confused by the italian guy he always sees. The love story was so sad i cant, absolute tear jerker. It also made me admire engineers. So inspiring to watch him fail so many times and make it in the end.
02/03/24, 15:12
The wind rises is good i like his dream sequences
02/03/24, 13:50
Paul Valéry: “Le vent se lève! . . . Il faut tenter de vivre!”
02/03/24, 08:23
From Up on Poppy Hill was pretty good. Much better writing than Arrietty
02/03/24, 07:27
i couldnt eat anything today and even sipping liquid hurts, i can feel the pain travel as I swallow. never expected it to be like this, when does it get better
01/03/24, 22:35
Time to watch Ghibli
01/03/24, 18:39
This heartburn is CRAZY im actually in so much pain
01/03/24, 18:38
Wow im really doing this
01/03/24, 13:31
Im so hungry, sketched and listen to mom tell her backstory, oh theyre here
01/03/24, 13:02
SF life looking a bit more possible now. But cant have hopes up yet. I need to see it first.
28/02/24, 03:31
Im a little worried about my anxiety now, i have anxiety about my anxiety, my body clearly is more sensitive to it, what can effectively reduce it besides medication?
28/02/24, 03:31
una mattina
28/02/24, 00:18
Ask people “how have i annoyed you recently?” And don’t be defensive, don’t react, just listen.
26/02/24, 20:23
The expectation effect, so expecting specific positive things is better than negative ones, but what about unmet expectations? What if the positive thing doesn’t happen?
26/02/24, 00:47
soft digestives in cold plant-based milk is my comfort food snack
25/02/24, 17:22
ig sleeping later from today is the move if my interview is at 2am, still have yet to prepare and I am distraught
25/02/24, 02:49
saying it all out did heal me. they’ve been cramped in the small dark space in me for so long.
25/02/24, 02:44
need to stop having expectations i’m so dissapointed and frustrated rn
24/02/24, 22:30
binge watching linh so i can adopt her personality i love her energy and the way she talks
24/02/24, 00:59
how is it already friday
23/02/24, 23:28
gonna buy Fuji X100VI as my first camera when I have the money
23/02/24, 22:53
what i thought would take a few hours took 2 days, i’m still so bad at estimating task completion time, how to be more realistic on output? take my estimations and double it? so I feel good when i complete faster? i’m always trying to do more still, i need to internalize what i’ve learned about burnout
23/02/24, 16:33
gosh I finally got an interview, now it’s time to prepare for it, can’t have high hopes or expectations yet
23/02/24, 12:07
Im starting to hear phantom voices I think I’m going crazy, or I listen to too much music
23/02/24, 01:30
Incompleteness is endemic to the human animal. You have the adventure, your Ulysses out there in the high seas, but you’re longing for Ithaca
22/02/24, 19:57
6,6 LBS = 3,0 KG
22/02/24, 19:45
Horror Vacui (Latin for ‘fear of empty spaces’)
22/02/24, 01:41
Tenet of Seneca’s stoic philosophy: the acknowledgement, even expectation, of the worst of all possible outcomes
22/02/24, 00:17
making spotify playlists on books is a GREAT idea
21/02/24, 21:48
something you regret, something you’re ashamed of, and something you’re afraid of
21/02/24, 19:51
We all need to be aware of the volcano we’re dancing on, catastrophe can come at any moment
21/02/24, 19:42
i love bookstore and book haul vlogs
21/02/24, 14:31
i wanna go back Tokyo again just to visit MUJI Ginza Flagship Store ;-;
21/02/24, 14:27
my Dwarf umbrella tree is not making it what am i doing wrong
21/02/24, 13:19
learning AI + math for the money, writing and art for the soul, iOS dev for the passion and interest. how to balance these three
21/02/24, 12:58
can’t go to museums anymore so I just watch people go to museums instead. i rly wanna visit quebec
21/02/24, 11:22
Yashica J-Mini 32mm
21/02/24, 10:50
I stayed in bed 2 more hours than usual today, lets see what happens to my energy levels
21/02/24, 10:08
so not looking forward to brushing my teeth from now on it was so much work
21/02/24, 01:59
let the mind wander
20/02/24, 21:39
Montaigne’s complete essays is 1344 pages. It’ll be my greatest accomplishment in reading when I finish this book. I am excited.
20/02/24, 21:34
I can’t believe I never read a single book in 2022. I have to make up for it this year.
20/02/24, 21:33
i wanna learn French again
20/02/24, 21:22
i love the “In the Library” series by Chanel
20/02/24, 21:22
Kierkegaard on the value of despair. Despair is a message that we just have to stop and listen to. It’s difficult and uncomfortable, but we come out the other side with new knowledge, still with that pain, but with a new perspective on things. Despair is necessary for change
20/02/24, 17:19
Learning to label emotions
20/02/24, 17:10
never knew Andy Warhol and Basquiat were such close friends
20/02/24, 16:09
mercurial behaviour
20/02/24, 16:08
need Jean-Michel Basquiat’s notebooks
20/02/24, 15:30
it feels like i’m gonna explode i can’t take it anymore
20/02/24, 14:55
Ugh it’s so uncomfortable
20/02/24, 12:56
mindfulness = catching thoughts as they happen, disowning them, and skeptically questioning their validity
20/02/24, 00:21
“we're in a constant sort of sadomasochistic compensation for an absence of love”
19/02/24, 19:28
i wanna ride the Coast Starlight train from LA to Seattle and just read good books the entire journey and look at pretty views
19/02/24, 18:19
excited to read Sylvia Plath’s journal so I can learn how to journal better
19/02/24, 17:08
trying to read all the rabbit hole issues before my $5 subscription ends tomorrow. they’re so soothing and revitalizing to my soul. like a warm cup of tea while nestled in bed bed with a good book, as the soft morning sun quietly slips into the room
19/02/24, 15:50
don’t borrow grief from later in life
19/02/24, 15:43
“no artists tolerates reality” – Nietzsche
19/02/24, 15:38
loving yourself becomes harder when you realize you’re required to love multiple versions of yourself that show up without warning throughout a day, throughout a week, throughout a month, and throughout a life
19/02/24, 14:53
what are my defense mechanisms?
19/02/24, 14:21
cherrien is such a pretty name
19/02/24, 13:36
an app that gives you random interesting and deep questions + you can record what you and your friends say, so in the future you both can look back years later and laugh/cringe/marvel, reminisce about your past selves.
19/02/24, 13:18
can i become a design engineer? what does it take?
19/02/24, 12:39
ad nauseam
19/02/24, 12:39
today was such a good day, the best since coming back
18/02/24, 23:02
these fireworks are so annoying what’s today why are there so many
17/02/24, 23:45
oxytocin deprivation got me stressed
17/02/24, 21:55
17/02/24, 18:28
my YT feed has more and more Alain de Botton videos and I’m for it
17/02/24, 17:44
I have blue light glasses now I’m so happy. I look like a completely different person
17/02/24, 16:47
Montaigne is so hard to read
17/02/24, 14:54
I’m in desperate need of coworking friends so I have a reaason to get out of the house. the biggest thing i miss about college is being able to meet up with friends and do work together.
17/02/24, 11:58
why are they playing christmas jazz it’s February
17/02/24, 11:56
i’m at nippori in publika and there’s these two girls talking about tea and it’s distracting me so much I wish I had my airpods
17/02/24, 11:26
urgency without anxiety
17/02/24, 10:58
exercise always makes me feel so much better i want to do it more, Im really hoping I can do more after surgery
16/02/24, 19:55
16/02/24, 17:25
i’ve been waking up feeling like I was hit by a truck, it all feels so bleak and dull, i need a things to look forward to list / a reminder for the “why” to life, a collection of things that can motivate and inspire me to do things that I love and see the beauty of life again.
16/02/24, 17:25
i have succumbed to ennui
16/02/24, 16:54
i should try to go one day without Spotify, i’m too constantly stimulated. it’s borderline obsessive
15/02/24, 17:33
is it possible to contemplate too much? what’s the difference between contemplating and overthinking? Is overthinking more negative, involuntary and destructive, while contemplation is positive, voluntary and constructive?
15/02/24, 12:02
I can’t enter the deepest places of my heart – “go into myself” in the morning, it has to be deep into the night when it’s quiet and everyone’s asleep. time no longer exists, my soul gets aflamed, I gain clarity, I become more generative
15/02/24, 11:57
today is yet again the kind of day where my attention is so scattered and my mind so muddled that I could not focus on a single task. i have a billion things to do, yet, i was searching for art and design books to read.
15/02/24, 11:48
Its either I have Asperger’s, or I’m just tired, or (most likely) I just lack social skills, especially in reacting and responding to what other people share , I draw blank, I can’t think of anything to say, how does one learn this? I’m pressured to not make things awkward and come up with a good response to defuse the awkwardness. Do I just need more practice? More exposure to other people talking? Im not bring myself though, thats whats draining me the most. Im running through responses and fi
14/02/24, 23:09
the dream life now is to read and write all day, go to cafes and art galleries and old bookstores, talk long walks, talk to strangers, watch the sunset, sketch, vlog, film
14/02/24, 16:37
This blog and my writings is really my way to make myself easy to find, inviting people who think and consume the same things I do into my little garden and sit down and chat and read with me
14/02/24, 16:24
We’re often not the best at describing who we are. And we are often not the best at knowing what we’re looking for.
14/02/24, 16:15
What makes someone simpatico with you? Whats that deeper, subtle quality that draws two souls together?
14/02/24, 16:14
Two biggest reasons why founders fail: not talking to users and not being technical enough
14/02/24, 15:55
In meetings, answer the questions they haven’t asked
14/02/24, 15:37
i’m in a rabbit hole of reading lists and books now, can I stop time so I can read all of them please
14/02/24, 15:03
i just wanna stay home and finish 0 to 1
14/02/24, 14:44
is it greedy and ungrateful and unfair to wish my mom was more like me, or at least, can relate to me and share similar passions and interests. Family is more about the act of love and care despite the differences. talk to her Ben, listen to her, come from a place of curiosity. time with her is limited. always remember that. see with generous eyes.
14/02/24, 14:43
When was the last time you did something that you would do forever
14/02/24, 10:47
i walk so much less now compared to before, I miss being able to walk to campus and back home. And walkking without literally melting.
14/02/24, 00:29
making a mood and energy tracker app for apple watch is incredible valuable. imagine this + AI, telling me what hours of the day of the week am I most productive and helping me schedule tasks. glimpses of the future.
14/02/24, 00:01
new idea, Howl’s moving castle door dial but on your phone, but instead of teleportation, it helps you switch between tasks (like Arc spaces with different colors), and you can start timers for time tracking + add little TODOs/notes. You can only set 4 tasks to help you focus and prioritize. THIS IS MY NEXT APP! I would actualyl use this.
13/02/24, 22:02
deleted outlook from my phone again, i can’t believe i’m addicted to checking emails how pathetic am I.
13/02/24, 21:39
my new obsession is 芋头扣肉
13/02/24, 21:17
Intelligent people know how to get what they want. Wise people know what's worth wanting.
12/02/24, 10:16
Im about halfway into 100days I’m so excited, now what app should i work on building first hmm and at what point will i have enough knowledge to do it, probably after SwiftData
10/02/24, 16:28
Did I think I had the tiniest sliver of a chance for Cornell lol why am I disappointed. why did i even apply zz gimme my $100 back pls
10/02/24, 15:12
not doing work and wasting time stresses me out more than doing the actual work itself
10/02/24, 13:42
Back in a mall again, in starting to get really bored by malls. I want old bookstores and long walks outside on nice streets with nice weather.
10/02/24, 11:58
Zero to One is good so far, learning a lot of history of tech like the dot com boom and bust
10/02/24, 11:55
how can i track down the root cause of my headaches, i suspect its the medication, but im taking two rn. And i cant not take them. headaches are so detrimental to my productivity and overall well being
10/02/24, 11:54
we’re in a culture that commodified the cultivation of happiness (social media) and industraizlied the eradication of sadness (drugs)
10/02/24, 01:26
envy is the worst of the deadly sins?
08/02/24, 23:33
why is it sooo hard to write this article, thought it would take a day and it’s been a week, i’m procrastinating so much on it. maybe deep down i think it’s not worth writing, that it’s cringe, that it’s a waste of my time, or it’s just hard to structure this article because I’m lost and overwhelmed in this landscape too, and I feel that I’m not credible to write it.
08/02/24, 23:14
“blue flowers in my heart, a garden for us, I’m watering myself, and I think that I am …”
08/02/24, 23:08
one thing that’s motivating me right now is I have to create opportunities for myself by learning and building, so that I can be in SF or a different country. i’d rather be uncomfortable somewhere else than comfortable here, the drive to leave Malaysia and be somewhere else is so strong.
08/02/24, 23:03
With humility comes wisdom – Proverbs 11:2
08/02/24, 00:23
advice about gifts: buy a special version of an everyday thing
07/02/24, 16:30
the game is worthwhile insofar as we don’t know what will be the end
07/02/24, 16:27
meaningful job = reduce suffering / increase pleasure of other human beings
07/02/24, 13:38
micro incidents of dissapointments -> stored anger
06/02/24, 12:39
still building this app, it’s pretty fun but also so tiring, i actually cannot stop, i think i’m meant to build apps. it’s so fun. is should be writing that article and learning about AI tho. everything is opportunity cost
06/02/24, 12:15
So excited to show this app to my friends lol i spent the whole day building it
06/02/24, 01:24
wait i can listen to other people’s discover weekly and mixes now??
05/02/24, 22:06
listening is ‘empathy in action’
05/02/24, 14:16
who knew reading letters can be so entertaining, i want to be able to bring color to words like Rilke, to write with such beauty and style that makes letters so intimite and exciting. he talks a lot about solitude and how it’s necessary to look within yourself, and to nature.
05/02/24, 00:51
i love reading Rilke
05/02/24, 00:44
I am a covalescent ?
04/02/24, 18:02
making your own curriculum is so hard, I don’t know what to start first, it’s overwhelming. especially when I’m bad at estimating the time and energy it will take to complete these courses. having people tell you what to do and when to do it is so dangerously comfortable.
03/02/24, 12:59
“compatibility is an achievement of love, not a requirement”
03/02/24, 12:49
i would not survive a stanford class lol i’m incredibly average
03/02/24, 12:46
“One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want. Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered”. Proverbs 11:24-25
03/02/24, 00:55
am I even Christian? I don’t read the bible as much as I should, or pay enough attention to it. I should watch some Tim Keller talks.
03/02/24, 00:27
i can’t stop watching film analysis videos help
02/02/24, 21:52
"What you read actually decides what kind of a person you want to be"
02/02/24, 20:50
6 steps of analytical reading (1) classify the book, (2) x-ray the book (skimming + preread), (3) come to terms with the author, (4) determine the message, (5) criticize the book fairly, (6) determine your own conclusion
02/02/24, 20:49
i’ve spent the past two days at home eating blended food, reading and reviewing the underlines and notes on the two books I’ve read (typing each word out on my blog), watching film analysis of Ghibli (kiki and Howl), WKW, and Beef, listening to jazz and k hip hop and classical music, I suppose this is what rests looks like for me. Books + writing + film analysis + music
02/02/24, 18:44
don’t just live the length of life, live the width of it as well
02/02/24, 18:09
“Who wants you to do what you’re about to do?” Do you feel like you want to do it or you ought to and should do it?—ought to and should are red flags.
02/02/24, 18:09
in composing a letter appealing for mercy or for love, you’d have best not attempt to organize your emotions; the prose will have a better chance if the emotions are left in disarray … since feelings do not usually lend themeselves to rearrangement
02/02/24, 17:38
i saw baby lizard in my room. i lost sight of it. I am now in paranoia
02/02/24, 13:52
I should watch the rest of WKW films, Chunking Express was so good. That youtube video analyzed it so well.
02/02/24, 13:22
that’s enough living in the past for today BEN
02/02/24, 12:27
“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. You are my friends if you do what I command. . . . I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you” (John 15 vv. 13-15).
02/02/24, 01:53
Proverbs tells us that “a friend loves at all times” (17:17) but also warns that friendship can be based on wealth or gifts (14:20; 19:4 ,6) and advises that the righteous “choose their friends carefully” (12:26).
02/02/24, 01:52
Why am i not sleeping what is wrong with me
02/02/24, 01:50
“I have perceiv’d that to be with those I like is enough, To stop in company with the rest at evening is enough, To be surrounded by beautiful, curious, breathing, laughing flesh is enough, ….” - Whitman
01/02/24, 17:43
what is my parvum opus and what is my magnum opus
01/02/24, 11:55
Don’t wait for motivation to come, its fleeting and unreliable, instead, set a fixed time to do something everyday, just show up consistently, track and measure progress, reward yourself, write about it, learn and build in public, make it a habit, thats more powerful. Thats what will help you get things done, especially when it’s hard and you don’t feel like it.
01/02/24, 00:16
I should try yoga nidra or NSDR for 20-30 minutes to increase my baseline dopamine levels -> higher working memory -> better at eliminating distractions and focus
31/01/24, 22:45
wait do I have adhd
31/01/24, 22:35
do i have a high levels of baseline dopamine? I think I have strong capacity to perform working memory tasks. So I can just introduce more dopamine in my perfrontal cortext and productivity goes brrr?
31/01/24, 22:15
If you have a great work ethic, that should be matched with a great rest ethic
31/01/24, 19:15
Rilke says Only one rule applies: ‘A work of art is good if it has arisen out of necessity.’
31/01/24, 14:51
Petition to ban all uber drivers who smoke
31/01/24, 13:47
Thank God for IV sedation and anesthetic I felt no pain at all, 2 hours went by like it was 5 minutes. I guess the easy part is over, what comes after is the hard part
30/01/24, 14:32
Wow its the last time im brushing my teeth with all my teeth in place
30/01/24, 00:55
ok i’m actually scared now can i even handle 8 teeth extraction. God help me.
30/01/24, 00:10
love that is dealt in reality is the walk and no talk, the awkward silences, the words unsaid, the touches never made. it slows down the pace, makes you feel the weight of time passing by, of life's seemingly empty, boring & embarassing moments, there's more love in those void.
29/01/24, 14:07
pmf doesn’t unlock growth, you need a go-to-market fit playbook (1-2 pages) that ordinary people can implement on how to (1) find customers, (2) engage customers, (3) onboard customers, (4) ensure success for customers)
29/01/24, 13:51
oatmeal has melatonin???
29/01/24, 10:52
Works of the flesh: “sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like.” (Galatians 5:19-21)
29/01/24, 01:42
Peter instructed: “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15).
29/01/24, 01:40
I wish i could hang out and spend time with friends that are more outgoing and social without draining myself, like I do want to be more participative and involved, but i fail to muster up the energy for it
28/01/24, 20:31
GERD is so damaging not only to the physical and mental, but also social, you feel like detaching yourself from people so you’re not a burden to them, so you don’t have to explain to anyone why you cant do this and why you cant eat that, its just easier being alone
28/01/24, 20:29
I bought a Fleetwood Mac vinyl. I’m so blessed and lucky. Been feeling an intense pressure and need to focus on the right things that help create a good future for my parents and I.
28/01/24, 16:50
It was nice meeting with high school friends again. It’s nice to just talk about dumb stuff and have a few laughs. They’re very fun and kind human beings. Realizing that I’m way too logical and serious and systematic, I need to relax and loosen myself more when meeting up with friends.
28/01/24, 16:49
i need to learn how to do cognitive reappraisal well
28/01/24, 00:54
need to be better at quantifying and measuring progress so I don’t feel like a complete failure when I don’t complete a task that actually takes a lot longer that I imagined.
27/01/24, 16:31
traversing through the tree of knowledge and information while writing and researching can get so overwhelming, I wish everything would automatically organize into nice containers for me to reduce the information overload
27/01/24, 16:22
i have a lot of frustrations about things that I cannot control - the biggest one my physical appearance, is one of the side efects of having too much taste for beauty and perfection -> inability to accept the imperfections of oneself? feel like this relates to insecurity and confidence in one self. I lose it so easily. like why do I care so much that I look like this and not like the “ideal” in my head? it’s like not being able to erase the imperfections in your sketches.
27/01/24, 15:59
can’t help but observe people at shopping malls, judging their personalities based on looks, lots of biases and assumptions behind this, these system 1, lighting fast assessments, and realizing i have a attractive vs not attractive filter that’s built in my brain, definitely influenced by media, like when you see couples, the both unattractive & both attractive are normal and almost expected, but the attractive & unattractive ones stand out a lot.
27/01/24, 14:18
Are new books just wrappers and regurgitations of old classic books
27/01/24, 12:45
Love that i get to craft my curriculum now and not take boring classes, now i just have to build good habits and be consistent and learn in public. Im so excited i cant sleep
27/01/24, 01:18
The tongue has power of life and death (Proverbs 18:21)
27/01/24, 01:06
i want a fleetwood mac vinyl
26/01/24, 23:21
Its hard to voice out appreciation and love to my family, must be the cultural programming of my asian upbringing, must take that first initiative and make it the norm, i rmbr one of the regrets of someone was not voicing out their love to parents
26/01/24, 15:06
Im shifting from a why do i have to do this -> i get to do this mindset now which is good, maybe im being more grateful
26/01/24, 15:02
Why do I feel excited about pulling out 8 teeth one shot, its gonna be hell, mentally preparing myself rn, i can see me watching ghibli movies and sketching to cope, or maybe binge a show
26/01/24, 14:12
Feeling hopeful again. Things are aligning pretty well. I can see God’s hand at helping me find the doctor today, he fully understood my conditions, compared to 4 other ones he gave me peace and cleared a lot of confusion and uncertainty. A reminder to trust God’s timing.
26/01/24, 14:10
i wish i was still in school now
25/01/24, 15:53
What’s with these CRAZY moodswings
25/01/24, 15:31
i LOVE mom’s cooking, i’ve become v dependent again coming back home. I don’t cook or do dishes. this is bad because i shld be independent, but good because I get to focus on my work. the solution? be more grateful and help out my mom more. and be nicer to her.
25/01/24, 13:12
I have normalized staying in bed after waking up. Im devastated
25/01/24, 08:39
Spent way too much time and effort implementing semantic search for my blog. Theres this websocket error now that I cant figure out. I get too obsessed w things, I wonder if this is an inherent trait.
25/01/24, 01:29
Someone from LinkedIn sitting in front of me and recognizing me is WILD. Had such a good convo with her. Inspired ne to continue doing what Im doing
25/01/24, 01:28
Book of Esther seems like an interesting story. God is leading me to strange places and I have to trust in His perfect plans
25/01/24, 01:27
Cny songs are so annoying lol
24/01/24, 15:00
Greek “noos” means mind. Could be a good app name
24/01/24, 09:40
Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. James 1:19
24/01/24, 01:44
Emails from Internet strangers coming from my blog brings me so much joy
24/01/24, 01:40
Where are my grad school interviews man
23/01/24, 19:31
life is 35 mm
22/01/24, 23:47
Its so hard to sketch feathers on remarkable
21/01/24, 10:02
4 signs of immaturity: attention seeking behaviors, inability to handle emotions well, egocentrism, no filter
21/01/24, 08:52
i was so down and moody this afternoon, but now i’m feeling amazing. my emotions are way too sporadic and unstable
20/01/24, 19:13
i’m so excited about this turntable in my room, my dad gave me so many vinyls
20/01/24, 19:13
grateful for the stationary bike in my house that lets me exercise everyday
20/01/24, 19:12
i need to appreciate my parents more they care and love my so much
20/01/24, 19:11
how do i break out of mimetic desires, how do i know if what i want IS relaly what I want.
20/01/24, 16:28
why am i wasting time posting on LinkedIn
20/01/24, 16:03
20/01/24, 11:34
“Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted.” — Psalm 25:16
20/01/24, 00:46
subliminal influences
19/01/24, 23:25
just realized studying with ChatGPT is powerful because i’m not afraid to be wrong, so I make more mistakes, and learn better that way
19/01/24, 22:24
Cello suite no 1 in g major goes hard
19/01/24, 22:05
The colors are so off on my Hokusai art, I guess thats the price I pay for buying off of Temu
19/01/24, 21:49
My monet art never came :(
19/01/24, 21:45
I need a backup plan if no universities accept me, I should apply to more masters program. Europe too maybe. I wanna be back in the US though.
19/01/24, 13:50
I should scrape all research papers on GERD and fundoplication and fine tune a model to be my personal doctor. If I’m doing this I need assurance, and I can achieve that with data. But what if it only exacerbates uncertainty and worry hmm. Is knowing more better than just knowing enough. Seems like a case of explore/exploit trade-off again
19/01/24, 13:48
Nature rewards the courageous. Dream the impossible dream. Hurl yourself into the abyss. This is how magic is done.
19/01/24, 13:00
The heart, mind, and body are endless pursuits
19/01/24, 12:50
Everything can be taken away from a person but one thing — the freedom to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, too chose one’s own way
19/01/24, 12:49
My arms hurts from typing ig no coding for today
19/01/24, 12:26
I feel oddly optimistic and good after reading Mans search for meaning and waking up, I hope this lasts forever, i see now that its what life expects from me and not what i expect from life
19/01/24, 12:26
Being sedated is so nice its like the best sleep I’ve ever had
19/01/24, 12:24
So many thoughts and revelations, imma write a blog tonight
19/01/24, 12:24
Today is the hardest day to get out of bed, so far
19/01/24, 07:55
Why am I so nervous for my endoscope I’ve done it twice, I can’t imagine what I’ll be like the night before surgery
19/01/24, 00:35
I have so many iOS apps I wanna build
19/01/24, 00:34
All my books at home are moulded i am devastated, you’re crossing the line humidity, ill never forgive you
18/01/24, 23:10
i can’t tell if it’s foxing or mold
18/01/24, 22:54
it’s 2024, i graduated, and I still don’t know deep learning well. what am i doing.
18/01/24, 22:39
Im so used to playing christian music while showering now, i have a mini worship session every time
18/01/24, 19:52
Pain is such a subjective experience. You project the idea of how much pain someone is feeling and vice versa, the person in pain believes you feel pain the same way as they do
18/01/24, 19:49
There is no pain center, no one part of the brain you can knock out to stop pain. Pain matrix
18/01/24, 19:48
i need to get “The Poet's Guide to Life: The Wisdom of Rilke”
18/01/24, 18:59
everything is distracting me
18/01/24, 18:26
i keep losing track of the long term goals and feel like i have no idea what i’m doing and feel down and depressed, how do i constantly remind myself of the end goal? that the days are long but decades are short? I need people in my life that inspires me constantly. or is it a change within, a change in mindset. or am i just going through a lot with all the doctors appointments and endoscope tomorrow
18/01/24, 18:21
mesh wifi is very confusing to setup
18/01/24, 18:09
Why am i feeling this way again
18/01/24, 12:15
DPO: Direct Preference Optimization
18/01/24, 11:33
Why does EVERYONE keep asking if i have a girlfriend
17/01/24, 23:57
i wanna read Man’s Search for meaning and prepare questions for meetings tomorrow but i want to sleep so i get enough sleep for my early morning focus for swift learning tomorrow so I do have the energy for the meetings. i tend to want to complete everything as fast as I can and that’s just a recipe for burn out. i need to delay gratification, where in this case gratification is completing my tasks.
17/01/24, 23:50
my idea of what a bookstore is, is never the same anymore after Boston and Seattle
17/01/24, 23:48
got to catch up with a friend i haven’t seen in 3 years, feels nice
17/01/24, 23:40
“take me where your heart is” is SO GOOD
17/01/24, 23:39
Woah there are 28k species of Orchids, and counting?
17/01/24, 14:21
The world is full of immeasurably beautiful things that tends towards decay
17/01/24, 13:15
abiltiy is a measure of time spent
17/01/24, 12:33
bless u
17/01/24, 11:50
So sleepy after breakfast
17/01/24, 11:21
“it’s not what happens to us, but our response to what happens to us that hurts us” - Stephen Covey, i need to internalize this, i’m suffering more in imagination, I am not my thoughts. my sensations are fundamentally neutral, i assign positivity or negativity to them, i’m going out of my way to create negative emotions, emotions don’t last long, we keep them burning
16/01/24, 22:04
what do i want? am i confusing what i want with what i want to want, with what other people want?
16/01/24, 21:34
productivity should serve philosophically or spiritually important goals, not just an end itself
16/01/24, 19:44
Aspirations, especially unlikely ones, are an essential part of living well. Always have more ambitions, plans, and projects than one can possibly accomplish.
15/01/24, 23:29
Tried painting a wall for the first time today it was pretty fun but gets tiring very fast, mad respects to the guy
15/01/24, 23:26
burnout happens because you have defined yourself by what you produce. Its not just the exertion of energy during the work itself, but the exertion of thought spent during the time you’re not working.
15/01/24, 23:19
nothing is more essential to your well-being that little projects
15/01/24, 23:18
zz i’m so broke rn my bank is in the double digits, i need money
15/01/24, 22:33
been getting so tired at 10 lately, and waking up at 6-7. i guess this is a good thing
15/01/24, 22:07
Golden Pomfret fish is good
15/01/24, 20:08
i felt the anxiety again when paying for something at the counter. why am i feeling this way? i need to psychoanalyze myself
15/01/24, 18:31
Assume everything is learnable
15/01/24, 16:46
Reading “The Code Breaker” at popular bookstore, I’m hooked. Gene editing is so cool
15/01/24, 15:34
Three fundamental kernels of our existence: the atom, the bit, and the gene
15/01/24, 15:33
Hilahila a.k.a. “Sleeping grass”
15/01/24, 15:33
What does it mean to be 22 with big ambitions and goals and be asked to slowdown because my body is too sensitive to stress and anxiety. Whats left after this?
15/01/24, 11:32
only thing i look forward to every new week now is my spotify discover weekly
15/01/24, 08:05
why am i procrastinating searching spotify playlist cover photos on cosmos do I have no self control
15/01/24, 07:55
15/01/24, 07:24
no way i dreamt of Eliezer Yudkowsky as a villian
15/01/24, 07:23
Ok France is not a good place nvm
14/01/24, 19:06
Is there anything worse than having the love for intense exercise and having GERD which restricts exercise, i just want the freedom to push myself, i feel chained
14/01/24, 18:58
Wanna go back to the chinese church rly bad. Im finding it so hard to adjust, is it cause it’s my first week?
14/01/24, 09:57
I want the floating window notes raycast app that syncs with iCloud so i can dee it on my iPhone too
14/01/24, 09:57
why am i so anxious in public, is it the new surroundings, I don’t feel this way in the US. i feel like everyone is judging me all the time.
13/01/24, 15:15
The Color of Pomegranates (1969)
13/01/24, 11:53
how to choose a good bedroom paint color hmm
13/01/24, 11:13
wait where did I learn my handwriting from
13/01/24, 09:30
what was this my first thought waking up today? why her again? How do I stop them?
13/01/24, 06:48
its too humid to be productive, i cant think clearly, weather has such a big influence
12/01/24, 23:48
“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."— Antoine de Saint Exupéry
12/01/24, 20:27
Walking conversations
12/01/24, 20:27
I’m too attached to life, to people, to my surroundings. I need to learn how to let go.
12/01/24, 20:02
dang all 4 of my wisdom teeth? that’s gonna be fun
12/01/24, 13:26
am i pedantic
11/01/24, 07:45
i miss the sunrise and sunsets in the US
11/01/24, 07:22
do you ever just go to your phone for no reason and look for something to do there when you have a billion things to do and you just don’t feel like doing them cause you’re tired
10/01/24, 21:30
curiosity is contagious
10/01/24, 20:41
the 2 seconds delay in google searches and website loads at my hosue wifi is really annoying me I miss fast wifi
10/01/24, 17:39
i wanna paint The Flower Garden
10/01/24, 10:27
Stream of consciousness writing
10/01/24, 10:15
Need to try my red light therapy
10/01/24, 08:37
Dreamt about 豆腐花
10/01/24, 08:12
reviewing my notes for a book is taking too long, i need a scanner with LLM that exrtracts my underlines and notes
10/01/24, 01:10
I need to figure out how money and stop wasting time
09/01/24, 13:27
It all feels like a dream, both the past and the present, it feels more like a nightmare now, i want to wake up from it
09/01/24, 01:09
Did writing all that out even help
09/01/24, 01:07
should i start learning french again and find a job in Paris. AI is strong there. not to mention the art culture there and museums. feel like it’ll be a nice place to live.
08/01/24, 16:17
“La réalité que j’avais connue n’existait plus.…”
08/01/24, 16:16
this life is so not worth living right now
08/01/24, 12:48
just broke my 50 dollar smart plug because Malaysia has different electricity, things are going so great
08/01/24, 06:36
I finished another book, i only finish books on planes lol
07/01/24, 17:59
I rly want a cat
07/01/24, 17:59
Sigh guess im back
07/01/24, 17:56
better days will come
06/01/24, 10:04
I keep forgetting to shut off the engine lol can cars automatically shut them down when i leave the car please
06/01/24, 02:52
I like it when the decor in a restaurant matches their name
06/01/24, 00:41
I’ve never tried eggs Benedict and idk if i ever will get to :/
06/01/24, 00:40
Why do i never sleep well
06/01/24, 00:31
Days don’t exist anymore when you’re traveling, it’s just mornings and nights.
06/01/24, 00:30
Who wakes up and decide, imma build this gas station here. How do these businesses profit? Why are some gas stations cheaper than others? Is it just like a convenience store but you also provide gas?
06/01/24, 00:18
I love edamame
05/01/24, 10:54
05/01/24, 05:56
有水分 - exaggeration, gonna use this from now its kinda cool
05/01/24, 03:24
TIL Xi Fan/稀饭, so many names for porridge
05/01/24, 02:56
does suffering rly give life more meaning, i feel like my life can have more meaning without this suffering, it’s making it harder to live. i want to be able to choose my suffering
04/01/24, 12:36
I buy so many sweaters
04/01/24, 03:37
Taking pictures of t shirts that im going to donate away to make it easier to donate them, human beings are so sentimental
04/01/24, 02:48
Most schools are really just thin wrappers on books.
04/01/24, 00:14
Can’t start my 2024 goals when I’m still on the road, drove on the I80 and saw the pretty sunset sky and smelly cows, felt glad i don’t have to be in the Midwest anymore after this
03/01/24, 08:44
Is going 100 mph gonna get me speeding tickets 0.0
03/01/24, 08:35
Blue light are cheap photons
03/01/24, 08:34
Treat your creative work like its a diary entry, that way you stay true to yourself, you don’t lie in your diary
03/01/24, 08:34
Should i be putting eye drops everyday if i stare at screens a lot
03/01/24, 01:23
When you’re traveling and driving to a location, you want cheap parking spaces around it rather than the location itself, can google maps add this
03/01/24, 01:20
02/01/24, 02:25
French New Wave
01/01/24, 23:22
nothing motivates me to get out of bed more than the potentiality of a pretty sunrise
01/01/24, 22:42
Internet strangers responding to my cold emails always makes my day 1000x better
01/01/24, 17:02
Wish i was in SF for countdown
01/01/24, 14:57
I care too much
01/01/24, 14:57
Glenwood Springs
01/01/24, 10:13
An app for posting sunrise and sunsets daily, and be able to view pictures of sunrise and sunsets from around the world. And a feature to include a short text. Call it Hikasa, derived from "sun" (Hi) and "morning" (Asa), symbolizing the journey of the sun from sunrise to sunset.
01/01/24, 05:37
Been feeling so nauseous after breakfast
01/01/24, 03:29
The story we tell ourselves is the most powerful one in the world. Eventually, we start believing it, even when it's not true. — Horace Mann
01/01/24, 01:14
Consistently doing the boring stuff builds success
01/01/24, 01:12
Jean-Michel Basquiat: “Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time.”
01/01/24, 00:45
“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” — Steve Jobs
31/12/23, 23:52
App idea: store book quotes / upload images of highlights, marginalia, where and what you’re reading + track reading progress and have a widget. Make it social too. Might motivate me to read more.
31/12/23, 15:10
My twitter went from fully AI and to a healthy mix of design, art, book quotes, and photography. Im escaping the bubble.
31/12/23, 15:05
Value being good than being better
31/12/23, 10:13
Your reaction to failure should be “oh thats annoying, ill do better” rather than a giant toxic shame spiral.
31/12/23, 10:11
I need to learn the skill of highlighting. I wonder if LLMs know how to highlight well. Is highlighting a subjective and contextual thing? Or can there be objectively good highlights for a piece of writing. I guess it depends on what my purpose of highlighting is.
31/12/23, 06:00
IN UTAH. Pretty mountains
31/12/23, 05:58
Roasted seaweed is the best snack
30/12/23, 14:51
Addicted to krbnb because it has good beats and i dont get distracted by the lyrics cause i dont understand it lol
30/12/23, 13:25
“Love is not about attraction or good feelings or needing someone. It is a way of showing up for others with care and curiosity” — Henrik
30/12/23, 13:22
What/who do you think about when you have nothing else you can think about? Even when you try to think about something else, IT engulfs every other thought. What makes us cling on to these particular thoughts? They feel like wild animals in a cage hoping to be freed. Is there value in holding on to these thoughts? These emotions? What does it take to release them?
30/12/23, 12:47
I need to study anxiety at a deeper level, anxiety causes inaction, i need to cure mine if i want to do great things in life
30/12/23, 12:36
I go to the cracker sections every time i need snacks
30/12/23, 11:14
Found so many cheap and good fiction paperbacks at Half price book, doesnt have the vibe of an old bookstore in the city but serves its purpose
30/12/23, 11:13
Im in idaho lol do i need to try the potatoes
30/12/23, 11:12
How intensive is the camera app? Its crashing apps and draining my battery.
30/12/23, 08:03
inveterate procrastinator
30/12/23, 07:33
I need a restaurant finding app for a specific town that can account for reviews from yelp (for judgement of taste, vibe, what meals to get/avoid), opening hours, food restrictions, meals that I enjoy and not enjoy, etc. can this be built easily? What will be the blocker?
30/12/23, 05:34
Can i just buy wholesale rare books from and open up a shop to sell them in a rich area in Malaysia?
30/12/23, 05:31
“Write. Constantly. At length. Often. Don't publish everything you write, but the more you write, the more you have to choose from.”
30/12/23, 02:01
"You are my idea of a good writer because you have an unmannered style, and when I read what you write, I hear you talking."
30/12/23, 02:01
Seattle is nice, it feels like a mix of boston and sf
29/12/23, 09:46
Amore mio aiutami
29/12/23, 03:20
Rainbow clouds are a thing??
29/12/23, 01:13
Walt Whitman: music is the profoundest expression of nature
29/12/23, 00:55
“Understanding is love’s other name” — Thich Nhat Hanh
29/12/23, 00:53
Calendar of Wisdom: Daily Thoughts to Nourish the Soul, Written and Selected from the World’s Sacred Texts
29/12/23, 00:04
Constantly strive to curb your natural pessimism
28/12/23, 15:47
Finally saw the original great wave in person
28/12/23, 10:01
I need Hokusai’s sketchbook
28/12/23, 10:01
If we abide by the common definition of philosophy as the love of wisdom, and if Montaigne was right that philosophy is the art of learning to die, then living wisely is the art of learning how you will wish to have lived
28/12/23, 10:01
Vanishing point perspective, juxtaposing highly detailed, close up views with distant landscapes
28/12/23, 08:38
Wearing first gen airpods is sooo weird but i have no choice gotta do the audio tour for the experience ✨
28/12/23, 07:33
“The best conversationalists are people who are hoping to end up somewhere they didn’t expect”
28/12/23, 03:34
“Leadership should mean giving control rather than taking control and creating leaders rather than forging followers”, David Marquet.
28/12/23, 02:06
“Leadership should mean giving control rather than taking control and creating leaders rather than forging followers”, David Marquet
28/12/23, 02:06
“Do not wish that all things will go well with you, but that you will go well with all things”
28/12/23, 02:04
spent like 30 minutes looking for a good nativity art, there’s so many interpretations and art style.
27/12/23, 16:21
raison d'etre
27/12/23, 02:10
hinoki soaking tub
27/12/23, 00:07
there’s always something to live for. something to be thankful for. somethinig to look forward to
26/12/23, 14:28
Insecurity breeds fear and attachment
26/12/23, 12:55
Uk that moment when u read a word, and coincidentally someone says that word, its like woah
26/12/23, 08:41
So rainy today
26/12/23, 04:47
Wave to earth so good
26/12/23, 04:47
I have a twitter addiction
26/12/23, 04:47
So hard to enjoy this trip when it hurts from just breathing and existing
25/12/23, 13:05
Sel gris = gray salt
25/12/23, 04:25
yak shaving
24/12/23, 16:06
endless ink was spilled
24/12/23, 15:53
I’ve sent 750 links with hyperduck to my Mac, i just need another layer that intelligently labels the link with tags using an llm and dump it in notion
24/12/23, 12:15
24/12/23, 12:12
Need to create a travel app that discovers fun and interesting spots for scenic views and pics, like im going seattle from Spokane, give me the places to stop at, optimize for fun places, heres the time constrains
24/12/23, 06:31
We are all just collections of everyone we’ve ever loved.
24/12/23, 05:51
Great love exists in letting go. Most beautiful things end but that doesn’t stop them from being beautiful
24/12/23, 05:05
Existence is so much pain
23/12/23, 18:06
Its ok to be wrong if you iterate quickly. Plans should be measured in decades and execution should be measured in weeks
23/12/23, 16:13
Inspiration is perishable and life goes by fast. Inaction is a particularly insidious type of risk
23/12/23, 16:11
Audacious ideas motivate people. Its easier to do hard things that really matters than easy things that don’t really matter
23/12/23, 16:11
23/12/23, 16:10
You need to first understand the rules before you can break them
23/12/23, 12:56
Worry less
22/12/23, 13:10
Whos work do you admire? Why? Why do you find it interesting?
22/12/23, 13:07
Why does freshly baked walmart bread have HFC? whats wrong with them
22/12/23, 02:56
Why is there a billion kinds of eye drops
21/12/23, 08:26
Packing always takes longer than you expect
20/12/23, 07:08
Car washes are so cool
20/12/23, 06:27
We must be idealistic realists - Miyazaki
18/12/23, 12:20
Its so cool that i can just dm super cool people on twitter and they respond
18/12/23, 11:48
Winter of 1889, town of Arles in South France - Sunflower by Van Gogh
18/12/23, 09:59
surround yourself with people who are free in ways you’re not
18/12/23, 06:02
Start or end every day with writing about your life
18/12/23, 05:57
Put your phone down. Put your phone down. Put your phone down.
18/12/23, 05:57
Gonna miss these taiwanese friends
18/12/23, 02:49
how did i misplace two credit cards? i haven’t seen them in a while
17/12/23, 14:39
Wait we consume copper in meat and nuts?
17/12/23, 05:06
“You look depressed”
17/12/23, 03:29
Why are malaysians so boring
17/12/23, 03:14
I should add view counts to my posts like lee rob
17/12/23, 03:14
i like it when i read an idea and go, oh wow I should take this as advice it’s insightful, and then read the comments and think, oh wait this is bad. i’m still lacking life experience to differentiate good and bad advice/ideas?
16/12/23, 14:14
i guess a better reason to work in FAANG is to develop better taste. taste for good code, good leadership, and good culture. Taste > skill is better than skill >= taste. skill is the floor and taste is the ceiling
16/12/23, 14:03
dang i got covid
15/12/23, 15:12
Why am i sketching w a headache and slight fever my eyes are burning
15/12/23, 08:25
New idea: imma stream my work everyday in malaysia, day 0 till 200?
15/12/23, 07:48
But wow im done, last exam, yay
15/12/23, 03:13
Choosing this class was a good call lol, my exams are open notes and pretty easy, but im sick and im in pain, doing that test was a struggle
15/12/23, 03:13
didn’t know the directors of Her and Lost in Translation were married, and was those movies were birthed from their divorce
14/12/23, 22:45
always remember the kindness and love of the people in church
14/12/23, 01:01
new dream job: working for Arc Internet
12/12/23, 04:12
Its not disagreement that damages most relationships, its unspoken disagreements
12/12/23, 03:01
our preference for art reflects our psychological gaps, we hunger for artworks that compensate for our inner fragilities
11/12/23, 11:40
William Morris floral patterns
11/12/23, 11:40
11/12/23, 11:11
blasting music in the car such a nice feeling
11/12/23, 05:20
the ability to solve poorly defined problems
10/12/23, 23:39
intelligence is a taste in ideas
10/12/23, 14:58
why is everyone replying my dms on twitter today lol
10/12/23, 04:11
imma get all Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji artworks and cover all 4 walls of my room, i wanna drown myself in his art
10/12/23, 02:52
‘If heaven will afford me five more years of life, then I’ll manage to become a true artist.’ - Hokusai’s last words
10/12/23, 02:45
the most useful part about GPT4 is i can just dump my messy thoughts and it can write something coherent and structured for me
10/12/23, 02:14
aging is another word for living
10/12/23, 01:15
Everything feels black and white again, feels like I lost something a part of me, I hate this feeling
10/12/23, 00:02
I’ve never felt pain like this before, why does it hurt so much inside, does it get easier
09/12/23, 22:45
The whole purpose of sketching is to make an interesting drawing, rather than a strictly realistic representation
07/12/23, 06:10
the flower garden
07/12/23, 01:55
success is spending your day doing the things you love
06/12/23, 05:00
Next pursuit: Embed all my blogs posts for search and visualize the embedding space as an interactive graph with atlas
05/12/23, 15:43
ghibli music is peak peaceful and relaxing focus music
05/12/23, 08:16
why are all these things happening to me?
05/12/23, 08:06
Throat, chest, feet, stomach, pain and discomfort everywhere
04/12/23, 14:43
i spent the last week and today coding so much next.js tailwind css openai debugging front end, it’s kinda fun because gpt4 is pretty good with the code, but is it a good time investment? Ig for hackathons and shipping stuff this can be a good skill, but i’m not really thinking or learning much, I should spend more time learning linear algebra and pytorch
04/12/23, 10:00
One thing i don’t appreciate enough about Ames is how quiet it is, walking home from groceries I’m given the ability to think and be locked in a room with my thoughts, and its the negative and anxious thoughts that one has to face head on, instead of suppressing them
04/12/23, 04:25
How are aldi cashews so cheap
04/12/23, 04:03
A cafe with books and dim sum. Does this exist? Sounds like heaven
03/12/23, 23:33
gave a talk to high school students starting college today, it was pretty fun
03/12/23, 02:07
“Book collecting is an obsession, an occupation, a disease, an addictino, a fascination, a fate. It is not a hobby”
02/12/23, 00:38
uni applications are so expensive man
01/12/23, 13:03
i need to take doxy and diclo and both of them can cause stomach ulcers and acid reflux, and I already have GERD, like why man, just give me a break. existence is pain
30/11/23, 01:19
When I have these diseases that cause pain, I always compare it to normal and healthy past me, and others, I guess its better to compare to something worse, like cancer, and have gratitude that I’m still relatively healthy? It feels unfair but life could be a lot worse. I need to accept that life isnt supposed to be easy, there will be hard times, but also good times
30/11/23, 00:06
petals on the moon
29/11/23, 12:59
it often feels unfair that I have to go through this pain for no reason, like why, just let me be ok, please stop giving me more pain
29/11/23, 12:04
Castle in the sky 🏰☁️
29/11/23, 11:18
progress over perfection
28/11/23, 22:04
Speed and effort are your main advantages, put in the hours and move fast, bias towards action, now instead of tomorrow
28/11/23, 15:52
Write, think, and ideate publicly
28/11/23, 15:50
Don’t be emotionally attached to who you are now. Become attached to your goal, ideally one very far out.
28/11/23, 15:49
Your advantage is not depth of context. It is the unique context at the intersection of fields that rarely cross each other.
28/11/23, 15:46
my evergreen plans: read things on my reading list, write things on my writing list, collect experiencess & people
28/11/23, 15:26
new life goal is to learn how to cook good 苦瓜炒牛肉
28/11/23, 11:03
Midwest weather man I’m so not gonna miss this
28/11/23, 03:19
when marnie was there got me feeling way too much emotions
27/11/23, 10:53
comfort is not happiness
27/11/23, 07:02
Travel is the only education
27/11/23, 05:53
Coding narrative is both really fun but also really stressful at the same time. How do people find the right balance of the joy of tinkering and creating and the frustration of errors and bugs?
26/11/23, 15:49
I wanna be an AI expert who knows how to code models from scratch in PyTorch, can explain transformers and attention to my parents, become a python expert, get familiar with C/Rust, have a solid foundations in mathematics for ML, learn some MLOps and data engineering tools, learn jazz piano, all within the 7 months I’m home, while doing surgery and braces is that realistic.
26/11/23, 13:07
was asked to play something on the piano today ugh, i really shoud learn Merry go round of life soon.
26/11/23, 13:01
wow i’m graduating in < 3 weeks, slightly stressed out about grad school application, finishing and all before december
26/11/23, 13:00
it took me 20 minutes to find a working code to call openai with next.js v14 endpoint, tried phind, gpt4, and perplexity but it took going to the docs directly and finding sample code.
26/11/23, 12:59
do more actions that create opportunities
24/11/23, 23:01
writing this in an Apple Store at Boston
23/11/23, 07:20
In Harvard book store now
22/11/23, 03:42
Fear and trembling by Kierkegaard
22/11/23, 03:41
Python is a great glue language, piecing different components together, a lowest common denominator for everyone, a nice interface, wrappers around powerful c/cpp code
20/11/23, 23:14
music is the silence between the notes —Debussy
20/11/23, 07:49
Why am i getting muscle sprains on my chest they hurt so much, is it bad posture?
19/11/23, 14:38
i need to code more and read less, i spent way too much time going down rabbit holes these days
18/11/23, 06:08
why does creating a db on Azure take forever lol
18/11/23, 06:01
Nothing is finished—everything can be rethought, redesigned.
17/11/23, 05:31
Great design is about values. Principles are universal, values are personal. Find what makes you unique
17/11/23, 05:27
commit deeply to a few things, one or two, maybe three. be ferocious about cutting your priorities - more than what is comfortable. time, energy, and resources are precious.
17/11/23, 00:55
I should send more cold emails and reach out to people more. Bias towards action. Just ask. That’s what separates doers from dreamers
16/11/23, 15:51
I want a Vision Pro
16/11/23, 15:44
role of a leader is to see potential in people that they may not even see themselves - Brian Chesky
15/11/23, 10:12
visual pollution, found the word for why I find malaysian sterets to be messy and US to be more aesthetic
13/11/23, 08:33
Consistently boring days make for extraordinary decades
12/11/23, 23:37
cultural programming and family programming
12/11/23, 00:06
Art as therapy
11/11/23, 09:56
“Nothing has value except for the hunger one has for it” — Camille Corot
11/11/23, 05:38
“Flowers are seductive; the color of flowers, bc of its purity and saturation combined with the silky, refractive nature of petals, approaches film color, like the sky, unattached to a surface” — Gordon in Monet
11/11/23, 05:33
Monet on the Mediterranean light at Bordighera - “one would need a pallete of diamonds and precious stone”
11/11/23, 05:06
“The expression of the beautiful is in direct ratio to the power of perception acquired by the artist” - Courbet
11/11/23, 04:57
It’s so dangerous to attribute your meaning and happiness to a single person
11/11/23, 00:12
Just get through tonight please just let me sleep
10/11/23, 15:43
Spiraling mind, dark ceiling, stabbing pain, difficulty breathing, christian music, eyes dried, all-consuming fear, self-hatred, mentally tired,
10/11/23, 15:42
10/11/23, 05:51
'Amateur' comes from the Latin word 'amare', which means to love. To do things for the love of it.
10/11/23, 05:46
Do more things that delight you and grip your soul, find them out, cultivate them. They are your passport to freedom and love - Anthony de Mello
10/11/23, 05:45
10/11/23, 05:28
“The idea is that to design a part of a complex system, you must identify what about that part others must know in order to design their parts, and what details you can hide. The part others must know is the abstraction”
10/11/23, 03:45
the most transformative tech unlock experiences that were prev only possible for the ultra-rich (e.g uber = personal chauffeur, instacart = personal shopper)
09/11/23, 10:30
am i the only one who stops breathing when I get really focused on my work? is this anxiety? stress? flow? HOW DO I STOP IT
09/11/23, 10:00
having trouble breathing the whole day it feels like a heart attack that won’t go away
09/11/23, 08:17
good mental health = having agency and gratitude
09/11/23, 07:45
take risk at a young age -> expand surface area of luck
09/11/23, 07:45
Creativity is a way of being, not a skill.
09/11/23, 07:44
movie soundtracks help me get into flow state quickly, interesting
07/11/23, 08:16
climbing up (and down) the ladders of abstraction - Amelia wattenberger
06/11/23, 06:18
working at breakout mid-stage starups (e.g. 100 employee) = larger network + learn pattern of success + helps with signalling compared to early-stage
06/11/23, 05:09
Functionality and beauty are not two opposite things, beauty enhances fucntionality
06/11/23, 04:06
Write a life narrative to better understand the self concept, who you were in the past, current, and who you want to become. Write 3-5 year increments of life defining moments, where you were, achievements, failures, etc.
05/11/23, 02:52
Labrouste Reading Room in the Richelieu-Louvois library (Bibliothèque nationale de France, or BnF)
04/11/23, 05:41
make a mess, a clean house is a life unlived, and a messy one is a life well-lived
03/11/23, 06:24
humanism: reverance of artists who create rather than consume, attempting to translate the human experience of being alive
03/11/23, 06:23
Don’t strive for an extraordinary life. Instead, find marvel and wonder in an ordinary life
03/11/23, 02:18
Why am I so uninterested in statistics specifically testing? The Bayesian class was pretty interesting even though a lot of it flew over my head. But this class the last class I’ll ever have at Iowa State University for my statistics degree is pretty boring. I need to find a way to hack my brain to make this interesting.
02/11/23, 13:26
You ever just grab hold of a memory in your past, and then start living like it first-person, and recall the smell, the atmosphere, your feelings at the time? Its like time traveling. Does 92914 trigger this somehow? Their music smells like the fresh air in the early morning after a night of rain.
02/11/23, 13:10
i love how I’m able to meet people across countries to collaborate on hackathons and build cool stuff together. Should reach out to people more often.
01/11/23, 08:33
ok i’m getting used to Arc and it’s AMAZING
31/10/23, 13:24
first time doing dental filings, i hate the numbness it hurts when I open my mouth. Also I have a headache now. I can’t imagine how much worse a wisdom teeth extraction is going to be.
31/10/23, 07:06
work with the garage door up
31/10/23, 06:35
Has a major headache waking up and sketching helped.
31/10/23, 01:23
Chatgpt for bible study is such a hack, i just give it the book chapter and verse and it gives me the text and summarizes it for me
30/10/23, 00:06
the bottleneck to doing something is often courage not intelligence
29/10/23, 12:51
should I devote my life to pursue AI research for preventing and curing GERD? maybe that’s my life calling
27/10/23, 04:29
reading these cornell Ph.D. student’s SoP has to be the most discouraging yet inspiring thing ever. On one hand, I realize I’m definitely not getting into Cornell, on the other, I can see the passion they have for research and for contributing towards society, and made me refelct on what I want from my life.
27/10/23, 04:18
how do people just decide to work on one thing for 5 years? what creates this passion and drive for this specific problem? how does one cultivate an environment to figure out the right problem to work on?
27/10/23, 03:47
Just learned about art movement Pointillism by Georges Seurat. Love how in his art (La Grande Jatte), the meaning behind it is not so important, but his obsession with form, technique, and color theory matters more. There is geometric harmony and unity, look closely and it’s scientific and analytical, but step back and everything is measured and harmonious.
26/10/23, 02:44
25/10/23, 23:54
Edward Hopper - Nighthawks: the couple that are close but distant, living in their own world, the solitary man with a newspaper, a random glass, and the waiter that’s just staring out of the window
25/10/23, 12:37
I set a goal to write my SOP and my screen time is >8 hours today, the highest its ever been
24/10/23, 12:04
i’m constantly fluctuating between feeling not good enough for PhD and wanting to apply for masters, and wanting to save money and just go for the PhD and leave with masters, I’m also struggling with figuring out what research I’m interested in (I feel like I’m interested in everything) and finding potential advisors (is there a centralized database of professors and their students?).
24/10/23, 05:46
Adding “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel to my reading list
23/10/23, 14:55
zero-billion-dollar markets: ideas that create new market categories, instead of tackling existing markets. (ex: Netflix, VMWare, GoPro, LinkedIn, NVIDIA)
23/10/23, 14:54
goal: actually start taking notes on obsidian, and create a second brain
22/10/23, 14:18
Cornell Tech maintains and operate arXiv??
21/10/23, 13:23
René Magritte saw painting as a chore, and hated going to art galleries (unless it was reproduction of great work), he liked the ideas more than the craft itself. He would love genai art lol
21/10/23, 02:55
surrealism: the combination of two different or unrelated object to challenge our precondition perception of reality
21/10/23, 02:53
I keep having headaches lately, might be my phone usage or sleeping patterns, or something more insidious?
21/10/23, 02:14
These days I’m just going down rabbit holes for hours with curius where I discover many interesting people on the internet, collecting stuff to read, and eventually dumping them in a bookmark i call “read”, I need an app to remind me to read these, and intelligently retrieve them in the future when i need them
20/10/23, 12:33
should I learn swift for fun and do 100 days of Swift UI
20/10/23, 04:07
if your age was counted in days worth remembering, how old would you be?
19/10/23, 12:28
“only agree to new commitments when both your head and your heart say yes”
19/10/23, 09:48
goal for life: the freedom to work on whatever is most important or most interesting, at any time
19/10/23, 09:44
i can listen to jazz forever
19/10/23, 09:33
sheepskin effect
18/10/23, 15:01
earnestness + formidable = unstoppable founders; earnest = doing something for the right reasons, and trying as hard as one can
18/10/23, 13:09
“Don't ignore your dreams; don't work too much; say what you think; cultivate friendships; be happy.” - PG
18/10/23, 12:56
I should create my own sabbatical syllabus like Arielle Lok for when I go back Malaysia
17/10/23, 08:35
Glad to have music and the people around me that keeps me going
17/10/23, 05:49
Been feeling like i was dealt a bad hand in life a lot lately, dreading the days i have to live with this body
17/10/23, 05:48
First dental checkup in the US, the x rays part was interesting, but there has to be a more efficient way that biting on the tool at each section of my teeth right?
17/10/23, 05:47
avoiding stupidity is easier than seeking brilliance
17/10/23, 01:36
two kinds of well-being - Hedonia (pleaure & fun) and Eudaimonia (purpose & fulfillment)
17/10/23, 01:16
Why have i been sleeping at 3am these days
16/10/23, 15:52
fundamental mechanisms underlying intelligence, understanding, and thought
16/10/23, 07:02
"If you take man as he really is, we make him worse... If we overestimate man... we promote him to what he really can be." - Viktor Frankl
16/10/23, 07:00
"Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught." - Oscar Wilde
16/10/23, 07:00
Map out problems using logic trees - Nabeel
15/10/23, 10:18
Even if you have “this gift of love”, a marrage requires constant attention like “a precious plant” - John Lennon
15/10/23, 10:16
woke up @ 1pm today, i’ve never slept this much
15/10/23, 10:15
"Intelligence is the computational part of the ability to achieve goals in the world” - John McCarthy
14/10/23, 00:18
Why am i so addicted to checking me email how do i stop this
12/10/23, 03:00
11/10/23, 13:54
Software is underwritten and thinking is underdone in the world
11/10/23, 08:51
Free thinking energy - Imbue (Kanjun)
11/10/23, 08:50
MoM, MLE, Fisher Information, asymptotic variance
10/10/23, 05:01
why are my hands always so cold, do I lack vitamin B12?
10/10/23, 03:47
“when it feels scary to jump, that is exactly when you jump”
09/10/23, 13:35
instead of studying for my midterms, i spent the whole day coding for this dropbox hackathon instead, and now i’m stressing out
09/10/23, 13:11
Tried generating a logo for my hackathon project with AI tools but Adobe Logo Maker came through
09/10/23, 12:07
USFCA MS DS ?? Dream school?
08/10/23, 06:19
Rechargeable hand warmers: mankinds greatest invention
08/10/23, 04:44
"The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for." -Bob Marley
08/10/23, 00:25
why is making bread so hard
07/10/23, 07:50
grow the puzzle around you - Jessica Livingston
06/10/23, 05:26
tell people when you’re thinking about them to maintain connections of all degrees of closeness
06/10/23, 05:00
gigantic bloody emptiness and nothingness
04/10/23, 14:54
“many patients who come to therapy don’t come to change, they just to keep doing what they’re doing, but feel better doing it.”
04/10/23, 12:30
think about going from 100% to 99% rather than 1% to 0% when facing an issue
03/10/23, 14:19
math jargon explained: closed-form = exact answer, non-closed form = approximation
03/10/23, 02:04
the hard part about writing blogs is writing something that people want. It’s hard to decide the value of an article if no one has read it yet, I try to look at my draft as if I was a reader, and judge whether my article is clear, useful, and brings value. It takes a lot of thinking about what to include and what not to. I’m always asking, “Would I read this?”
30/09/23, 04:52
Neologism: acts of creativity as we fill in the gap between our symbolic understanding of the world and our documented language
26/09/23, 14:49
now that I’m pretty sure about applying to grad school, i’m facing major anxiety about not being good enough, and a part of me wants to start heads down learning low level programming, learning AI bottom-up, get good at math, and implement AI papers.
26/09/23, 13:18
we treat other people with respect not because of who they are but because of who we are
26/09/23, 10:36
why am i rewatching new girl again
25/09/23, 10:18
going to borrow a book from the library for the first time in my last semester. Always saw the library as a place to do work and forgot that I can get books from here.
25/09/23, 06:04
Being productive != being busy, its about concentrating all your energy on the few things that matter
25/09/23, 00:21
Lucky people are more relaxed and open
25/09/23, 00:20
What makes people make imaginative leap?
24/09/23, 04:44
body doubling
24/09/23, 03:22
“Isn’t it pretty to think so?”
22/09/23, 07:42
I’m so behind on my blog z
21/09/23, 14:13
I miss pan fried pork buns
16/09/23, 02:17
I love spinach
16/09/23, 01:39
I’m significantly happier on days with social interaction, but I have less output due to time and energy expenditures. Need to find the right balance.
15/09/23, 14:11
That scene in Ghost in the Shell (1995) where it’s just 3 minutes of the rainy and crowded 90’s Hong Kong with an insane level of detail and haunting soundtrack.
14/09/23, 10:02
Cowboy Bebop
14/09/23, 05:57
in the struggle to create something (project, art, company), sometimes the best strategy is slowness
13/09/23, 22:46
last statistics class before I graduate and I have to relearn how to do integration
13/09/23, 06:58
Red Eye is a good thriller movie
12/09/23, 09:48
who am I? and what do I want?
07/09/23, 23:48
Discover Weekly on Spotify is actually good
29/08/23, 13:29
mimetic theory
25/08/23, 14:04
math sharpens your mind and history gives you an idea of your limitation and what’s going on in the world
25/08/23, 04:10
sell work, not productivity-improvement
25/08/23, 01:26
Step 1: Know what you want. Step 2: Go after it relentlessly.
12/08/23, 15:42
the capacity for joy is also the capacity for pain
12/08/23, 15:41
define what it means for you to be productive, or you’ll never be at peace
11/08/23, 14:20
eat till you’re 80% full, always eat still feeling a little bit hungry
11/08/23, 14:20
score your day with music like a movie
11/08/23, 14:20
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end
10/08/23, 02:28
behaviour = motivation + ability + prompt (B = MAP) motivation = intrinsict need to do something ability = make it possible, setup the environment prompt = reminder, integrate seamlessly into your life
07/08/23, 13:56
remember what it’s like not to know. have empathy, consider the audience, remember where they’re coming from
07/08/23, 13:51
good writing is expensive, poor writing costs a fortune. Poor writing transfers work from writer to reader. Good writing reads itself, allowing the reader to spend more time on the idea than pulling out the meaning.
07/08/23, 00:26
innovation is stepping into ambiguity
07/08/23, 00:08
The way to peace is through boredom
02/08/23, 00:54
The key to life is to be unborable — DFW
02/08/23, 00:54
Many things in the world happen because of boredom. People quit relationships, jobs. To some extent, entire wars happen because of boredom. If you never learn how to deal with boredom, you’ll never learn how to enjoy peace and quiet.
02/08/23, 00:53
confidence is a self-fulfilling prophecy
29/07/23, 08:17
olive garden breadsticks
26/07/23, 15:30
resume drive development
22/07/23, 05:52
Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse
21/07/23, 06:05
"Good code is like a love letter to the next developer who will maintain it."
21/07/23, 05:51
Intelligence, passion and courage. The first two are traits and the third is a choice
21/07/23, 00:55
grit enables practice
19/07/23, 16:22
learning happens fast at the edge of your abilities
19/07/23, 15:40
Lump of labor fallacy
19/07/23, 00:18
I want to be able to explain things without stutter, lag and at 2x speed like that dude at the demo, he was explaining 402 errors, onion routing, bitcoin lightning, all with simple terms without breaking a sweat, maybe it’s a lot of practice, and spending time understanding it
18/07/23, 16:12
hallucination will be solved within the next 10 years
18/07/23, 16:09
i’m still so awkward at meetups, I need to level up my social skills. I keep saying I don’t have anything to ask, or maybe i’m just burnt out and don’t have the energy to be curious
18/07/23, 16:09
got to see people I’ve only seen on github, twitter and YouTube videos in pesron today at Dropbox, pretty surreal
18/07/23, 16:08
I never hopes to win, but I hoped to build something at least, a little disappointed in myself that I couldn’t execute on my ideas. I need to start pushing myself to continue experimenting and building, this hackathon sparked that fire again
16/07/23, 16:41
free food free swag free stickers thanks Scale AI
16/07/23, 16:39
The purpose of a person’s heart are deep waters — Proverbs 20:5
14/07/23, 15:52
“how much good can come out of today?”
14/07/23, 15:28
when making big life choices, instead of trying to know the future, decide based on whether we want to discover who we’ll become. In other words, think about how that decision will shape you as a person, and whether that’s who you want to be.
14/07/23, 15:22
LLM agent that can organize the interesting links I come across, resurface them when I need it, and apply it to my problems
13/07/23, 16:19
machine unlearning and unlearned models
11/07/23, 15:11
i’m so productive from 4 to 7pm at work
11/07/23, 13:26
met a malaysian pastor today at an indonesian church in SF who lived 5 minutes away from my place back in Malaysia, pretty cool to meet someone so close to home, being so far away from home.
10/07/23, 14:58
joe and the juice vegan shake was pretty good
10/07/23, 14:56
i want to go back to not having to read ingredients of food packages, not caring about Total Sugar percentages, and just try whatever I want. Food is such an essential part of the joys of life
10/07/23, 14:55
trader joe’s has all the healthy stuff I need, the unsweetened oat milk and non dairy yoghurt, the snacks, and everything else
10/07/23, 14:54
God blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptation. — James 1:12 nlt
04/07/23, 14:39
half knowledge is worse than ignorance
04/07/23, 11:11
“An initial period of concentration—conscious, directed attention—needs to be followed by some amount of unconscious processing…the key to solving a problem is to take a break from worrying, to move the problem to the back burner, to let the unwatched pot boil.”
03/07/23, 01:10
“Think of life as a terminal illness.”
02/07/23, 15:18
Don’t quench the spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:19)
01/07/23, 15:43
Wavelet thresholding - signal and image denoising. It compares each wavelet coefficient against a threshold, if the coef < threshold, it sets to 0. Otherwise, keep or modify it.
01/07/23, 01:48
Startups have no sacred cows, no brand to protect, communication overhead. Big tech has pre meeting, a meeting, a post meeting to recap. But startups lack everything else, the brand, the customers, GPUs
29/06/23, 23:09
Hedonic adaptation
29/06/23, 23:08
been rewatching old black mirror episode every since s6 came out
29/06/23, 15:35
Arthur Schopenhauer — 'Life swings like a pendulum backward and forward between pain and boredom.'
26/06/23, 14:31
“I do not fear computers, I fear the lack of them” — Isaac Asimov
20/06/23, 08:59
It is not darkness that dooms us, but the wrong sort of hope
16/06/23, 09:32
The conditions of existing is intrinsically rather than accidentally frustrating
16/06/23, 09:32
We must imagine Sisyphus happy
16/06/23, 09:29
"You can be relaxed and dedicated. Just because you worry more, doesn't mean you care more."
16/06/23, 00:53
GOTG Vol. 3 was so good, the feels, the action, the music, the dancing
13/06/23, 14:03
you don’t have to believe your thoughts and ideas, you can simply observe them without assuming they are true
09/06/23, 13:20
finally a housemate that’s an intern and is friendly, everyone else in my airbnb are old people
09/06/23, 13:20
i’m struggling with perfectionism, it’s damaging my ability to complete tasks, and it’s slowing me down.
09/06/23, 13:19
duck and claypot rice is so good here
09/06/23, 13:18
didn’t feel like doing anything today, got nothing done
06/06/23, 14:03
where are you from and where does your family live?
06/06/23, 14:03
Driving is so tiring man (and stressful cause everything is new to me), but blasting howls moving castle on the road at night made the experience
05/06/23, 15:05
been writing my daily blog half asleep
05/06/23, 15:03
Focus on adding value to peoples lives > learning conversational tricks and techniques
05/06/23, 15:02
When choosing between being kind and being right, choose to be kind
01/06/23, 08:42
Flurry of texts
31/05/23, 22:33
Thinking back is a b*tch
31/05/23, 01:29
Ezekiel 37, breathing new life into us, restoring the broken
30/05/23, 23:29
Small, good actions
27/05/23, 14:12
walked to a skate park and watched filipinos play football, the weather here is so nice, and walking helps me reflect
26/05/23, 12:03
Ending of Jerry Maguire made me feel schmaltz and sappy
26/05/23, 12:02
Have the courage of your convictions and do what you think is interesting
25/05/23, 23:50
The courage to tackle hard problems
25/05/23, 08:24
justified in our hope, and unalone in our sorrow
24/05/23, 09:17
felt sick today, like head throbbing, sore throat, feverish kind of sick, my entire body is sore from yesterday too
23/05/23, 13:37
intricate patterns, pining, unvoiced, unuttered, unspoken, intellectual fulfillment, longing bubbling underneath my lungs, slivers of feelings, ephemeral memories, forcing logic onto a page, at peace with emotions
23/05/23, 13:35
“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” - Haruki Murakami
23/05/23, 13:04
you know I don’t do contracts, but you do have my word, and it’s stronger than oak
23/05/23, 10:35
first class used to be a better meal, now it’s a better life
23/05/23, 10:35
“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” -Jesus (John 15:13)
22/05/23, 12:43
learned how to throw a football today, and got to play spikeball, grateful for this church community
22/05/23, 11:43
1 Corinthians 14:34 - women silent in church verse
22/05/23, 02:08
Will the real slim shady stand up?
22/05/23, 02:07
There has been no shortage of ink spilled
22/05/23, 02:06
French fry moment - delighting your customers with solutions they never expected
17/05/23, 22:31
Its so weird interning back at the same place but with all your friends gone, it’s like a missing hole that I cant fill, but i met some new people today, so I guess thats how life works
17/05/23, 08:23
Man ive been so busy i dont have tim to reply text, i’ve come to understand why some people are slow to reply
17/05/23, 08:14
Romans 5:3-4 encourages us to rejoice in our sufferings because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.
12/05/23, 13:43
ever since I finished my exam I don’t know what to work on, coding a new app? write my data science blog? learn actually fun stuff on coursera? work on data engineering or MLOps? Read a good book? So many possibilities.
12/05/23, 13:21
just learned about the term veg out, which is 耍廢 in chinese
12/05/23, 13:14
i.e. = in other words, e.g. = for example
12/05/23, 12:37
even though a lot of books are a simple idea that can be a blog post, there’s value in it being a book where it repeats ideas and persuades you about with examples and analogies, to drive the point home. Books also have cultural cache, wider reach.
12/05/23, 11:17
necessity is the impetus for learning
11/05/23, 13:35
Forgetting sarah marshall is a good movie to watch to just laugh and have fun
11/05/23, 13:19
dote on somone = extremely and uncritically fond of, in SE Asian it’s lavish with affection or gifts.
11/05/23, 13:18
hate the feeling of not knowing something in exams, with the clock ticking down, but the day ended on a good note talking to friends
11/05/23, 11:24
There are no rules to this thing ... I hope you see things that startle you and feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view and live a life you’re proud of. If you find you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.
10/05/23, 09:48
rewatching benjamin button reminds me of my flight from Japan to the US. the dialogue barely audible, being in a presurrized metal box for 16 hours, barely getting any sleep.
10/05/23, 09:31
cooked a piece of 8 inch steak and that was all I could eat for dinner, with yoghurt on the side ;-;
10/05/23, 09:27
Feeling better today so far, yesterday was hell, GERD really makes me grateful for just being alive and not feeling like I’m about to die
10/05/23, 02:15
The Rosetta Stone is one of the most important objects in the British Museum as it holds the key to understanding Egyptian hieroglyphs—a script made up of small pictures that was used originally in ancient Egypt for religious texts
09/05/23, 12:03
hard to focus on studying for finals when I have to worry about housing and my GERD PPI side effect rn
09/05/23, 11:51
procrastinating on studying and learning about film photography intsead
08/05/23, 13:01
“If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.” — G. K. Chesterton
07/05/23, 13:02
Am I outsourcing my self to something else? Am I distracting myself from the dread and despair that comes from sitting with the anxiety of life? What am I running away from that I need to face head on?
06/05/23, 03:09
“You’ve got to have models in your head. And you’ve got to array your experience—both vicarious and direct—on this latticework of models.” - Charlie Munger
06/05/23, 02:34
My vocal chords are kinda hurt from GERD, its scary reading it might take 2-6 months to heal, its really motivating me to get back on meds, even with the side effects
05/05/23, 13:06
Vulnerability comes before strength, can I overcome GERD or will GERD overcome me
05/05/23, 13:05
Unlimited Chilis nachos at KLCC with family at the window seats, the city view of KL outside, and the light shows and decorated Christmas tree
05/05/23, 04:32
Realized I’m unable to come up with any questions in class lately, is it because I’m not interested in the material anymore? Or im lacking fundamental knowledge that helps me connect the dots, which can breed questions
04/05/23, 00:43
craved cornetto vanilla ice cream out of the blue, I used to love eating these. Magnum ice cream too. Man the good old days
03/05/23, 12:34
papaya in the US takes so long to ripen idgi, also first time cutting papaya, went through all the trouble of peeling it and cutting it but threw it all away in the end cause it tasted weird
03/05/23, 11:40
second time taking the test, goes to DOT, friend’s car insurance expired in 2021, has to reschedule again to next Friday, I leave the next day to California, life is great
03/05/23, 11:39
haven’t been out the whole day, feeling like shit
02/05/23, 07:33
hate it when people don’t reply, especially when your day depends on them
02/05/23, 07:02
Time management is 3 dimensional, significance (how long does it matter), urgency, and importance. Just checking off todo lists is 1d – efficiency
29/04/23, 22:13
Have to patience to put off insignificant things
29/04/23, 22:11
You multiply your time by giving yourself permission to spend time on things today that CREATE more time tomorrow
29/04/23, 22:11
If the path before you is clear, you're probably on someone else's. – Carl Jung
29/04/23, 04:52
Illness and age makes you redefine what good means, you start appreciating what everyone else takes for granted
29/04/23, 04:07
Just learned alzhiemers drug makes you h igh
29/04/23, 03:59
Brain tumors are scary, you can still be functioning normally but not know its there
29/04/23, 03:58
Watching inception again, its so good
29/04/23, 02:34
had a dream a lot of bugs were swarming around me, they were of different species too, some where flying some where crawling around, it was suffocating, I rmbr thinking, crap it’s summer, the bugs are back
29/04/23, 01:00
engage knowledge with sustained attention
28/04/23, 09:33
Am I knowing too much without understanding? Well-informed but unable to get anywhere with my information?
28/04/23, 09:32
“Books are a means of listening to the thoughts of others so that you can hear your own thoughts more clearly.” – Mandy Brown
28/04/23, 09:31
"We learn nothing by being right."
28/04/23, 04:22
Got access to bluesky this morning!
27/04/23, 22:56
Without the spirit we will bite and devour each other, walk and be led by the spirit, and you will not be under the law — Galacians
27/04/23, 14:22
Letting negative emotions take control of your thinking and actions is like watering the weeds of your mental garden, it starts to strangle the growth of other plants
27/04/23, 14:20
loving the Averia Serif Libre font, looks good for my blog
27/04/23, 13:23
Always keep creating/consuming > 0
27/04/23, 00:58
Doordash is an organizational work of art
27/04/23, 00:43
Stay close to the pulse
27/04/23, 00:38
Turning niceness and empty into leadership is where the rubber hits the road
27/04/23, 00:35
Been feeling like I chose the wrong major, I noticed I’m not that mathematically inclined, I’m able to find coding fun but never felt that way about statistics or math
27/04/23, 00:28
To articulate ideas effectively, think about what you want people to do (ethos), know about you and topic (logos), and how you want them to feel (pathos).
26/04/23, 22:14
Effective transfer of tacid knowledge requires extensive personal contact, regular interactino, and trust
26/04/23, 12:35
technically opinionated
26/04/23, 12:32
Completely failed at roasting eggplants
26/04/23, 10:10
Sending this from my iPhone
26/04/23, 05:48
Avoid Brioche at all cost in the future
26/04/23, 00:58
Now tweeting with apple shortcuts
25/04/23, 23:56
The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either – but right through every human heart… — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
25/04/23, 22:51
Epictetus: it is not things themselves that disturb is, it is our interpretation of things
25/04/23, 22:48
Damn didn't know Whitney Houston isn't alive anymore
25/04/23, 13:40
had so much fun doing it almost every weekend last year for hackathons, even though I lost sleep and messed up my health a little, i regret nothing, also made some friends along the way
25/04/23, 12:16
I get so excited thinking about side projects, I can feel my heart racing thinking about how it should work and look like
25/04/23, 12:16
What would 2020 me say to 2023 me? Would he be proud?
25/04/23, 10:50
1/3 into Whitney's documentary, didn't know she went through so much
25/04/23, 10:49
It happened again, I could taste mcdonald cheeseburgers I used to have at AEON near my house in Malaysia
25/04/23, 05:26
This midterm will define my GPA and there’s so much pressure I just wanna do literally anything but study, I’m so weak
25/04/23, 04:55
Kinda regret how I didn’t really go out of my comfort zone enough and join more clubs, i have one last semester to go, hope I make the most of it
25/04/23, 04:54
Worship songs calm me down a lot, I’m glad they exist
25/04/23, 04:51
it's the difficult things that are worth doing and pursuing, if it was easy, what's the point of doing it
25/04/23, 03:41
been saying I regret majoring in statistics and wish I did SWE instead, I need to shift my mindset, maybe it's just this bayesian class and me not doing well, and expecting things to go usually well
25/04/23, 03:41
why does public speaking drain me so much. part of me likes meeting new people and part of me hates talking, it's so conflicting my brain hurts
25/04/23, 03:40
met this guy who says SWE is boring and he's going to drop CS and major in music instead, says SWE is just boring
25/04/23, 03:39
There’s no need to take control into my own frantic hands
24/04/23, 14:04
Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5).
24/04/23, 14:04
Just learned that Israelites were given food by God in Exodus 16, they named it “manna” because it sounded like “what is it?” In Hebrew lol
24/04/23, 14:03
Kurt Vonnegut: "Practice any art, music, singing, dancing, acting, drawing, painting, sculpting, poetry, fiction, essays, reportage, no matter how well or badly, not to get money and fame, but to experience becoming, to find out what's inside you, to make your soul grow.”
24/04/23, 08:10
Want to start learning jazz piano but haven’t had the time, thinking of starting in the fall
24/04/23, 08:08
Been getting random flashes of memory about food I used to enjoy and was able to eat
24/04/23, 00:35
The best day and the worst day of your life depends on your perception, be intentional about your decisions. Decide to happy, to look at the positive, to turn suffering into opportunities for growth
24/04/23, 00:06
To be free from fear, practice gratitude. It’s impossible to be fearful and grateful at the same time
24/04/23, 00:04
Beautiful minds are free from fear
24/04/23, 00:03
Stressed about this coming week, I’m really good at avoiding studying for my test and creating unnecessary stress for real
23/04/23, 12:03
Enjoying tick, tick… Boom ! so far, might be into Broadway
23/04/23, 09:27
Wild Horses Jon
23/04/23, 09:26
This more than two parameters conditional and marginal posterior stuff is wrinkling my brain
23/04/23, 05:16
Also had a dream that I was supposed to give a speech, there was a huge crowd, my parents were in the crowd, and someone else stole my spotlight right after my introduction, I got the spotlight back again but then there was technical difficulties, wonder what that dream meant
23/04/23, 00:07
had a dream i did badly in my exams again, always happens when I have an upcoming test
23/04/23, 00:05
Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on — Philippians 3:13–14
22/04/23, 12:50
So many vegetables I wasnt aware of with funny names, tomatillo and rutabaga
22/04/23, 11:09
been addicted to LÜCY this past week
22/04/23, 01:11
like I set out to write about one thing, and my mind trails off and starts expanding on other things, is this normal?
22/04/23, 00:17
starting this daily writing challenge is really illuminating how incoherent and messy my thoughts are, I rewrite my posts a couple times before being satisfied with it
22/04/23, 00:12
Letting the idea that you can only control your thoughts and actions drip into your soul helps you avoid unnecessary disturbance and anxiety
21/04/23, 22:12
"Love is learning to say yes to what is" - Richard Rohr
21/04/23, 22:10
expectations are nothing bu dissapointments waiting to happen
21/04/23, 22:10
Damn AutoGPT is close to 100k stars
21/04/23, 08:46
Had a long 2 hour talk with Brian, glad to have him as a friend
21/04/23, 08:40
Man my semester is ending, time is flying by so fast
21/04/23, 05:57
I have hw due tmrw and I spent an hour writing instead, do I find writing more valuable deep down or am I just avoiding hw cause its hard
21/04/23, 05:06
It's cold and windy again in Iowa
21/04/23, 02:30
Perseverance in godliness is the proof of the genuineness of a person’s salvation
20/04/23, 12:54
Biblical hope not only desires something good to happen, it is confident it will happen
20/04/23, 12:50
I’ve always wondered what people talk about in their typical conversations, wish there was an app to eavesdrop random conversations people have
20/04/23, 12:42
The best moments are when you feel stupid, shows you have room to grow
20/04/23, 12:40
To help a friend going through a hard time, two options (1) just be there, listen, and ask questions to help them work though it, or (2) give advice. Always rmbr to check in later to show you care
20/04/23, 12:38
Loosen your priors when hearing new opinions, your priors might be wrong, and its a chance to adjust them
20/04/23, 12:36
You’re always exposed to one slice of a person on the internet, in reality, people aren’t as different from you as you think
20/04/23, 12:34
Illegible = hard to read/decipher, can apply to people too
20/04/23, 12:33
Leave everything (incl. people) better than you found it
20/04/23, 12:31
Thoughts are messy, writing helps give them structure. It’s like taking opinions of different sizes and trying them out in the fitting room
20/04/23, 12:28
Just went down a rabbit hole on Claire Wang, a child genius who went to Ad Astra and did neuroscience research in HS :0
20/04/23, 12:22
Ask people the same question twice or more to get the truth (How are you, really?)
20/04/23, 12:19
Read a good article about how crushes are just misplaced ambition, you see something in them that you want in your own life
20/04/23, 12:18
Can’t breathe cuz rn, feeling a lump in my throat
20/04/23, 11:44
Luo Han Guo is also known as monk fruit, it has no calories and can be used as a substitute for sugar
20/04/23, 11:37
doing my AI homework, it's on bayesian networks
20/04/23, 10:23
Ant man quantamania is just a 2 hr long rick and morty episode
20/04/23, 09:47
First time baking chicken today, smells pretty good
20/04/23, 07:01
Before taking on anything, ask "what could be?". Just become something is, doesn't mean it has to be and certainly doesn't mean it's right.
20/04/23, 06:24
Going down rabbit holes is a good thing, it shows you're curious about X, but avoid algorithmic rabbit holes
20/04/23, 05:29
"Creativity is just connecting things" -
20/04/23, 05:25
Feeling kinda sick
20/04/23, 04:01
Hi Jayson
20/04/23, 03:17
Hello World
20/04/23, 03:16
My throat is killing me from GERD, when will this end
20/04/23, 02:23
Dang it this timestamp isnt in my time zone
20/04/23, 01:12
Gosh spelling errors are going to annoy my OCD ass
20/04/23, 01:07
This thoughts page is officially deploye!
20/04/23, 01:06
can this support links?
20/04/23, 00:46
This is pretty cool, thanks leerob for the code
20/04/23, 00:38
This shake is bussin
20/04/23, 00:32
Who's here?
20/04/23, 00:32
hi there!
20/04/23, 00:32