It's scary times here on Earth. The North Atlantic Sea Surface temperature is higher than ever.

Geo-engineering is controversial. The idea is to intentionally change the climate of the planet.

But it looks like we've been doing it this whole time time.

We've been haphazardly geo-engineering the planet by dumping a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere, decreasing the amount of heat that we can radiate back into space.

We also release a lot of Sulfur dioxide (SO2) when we burn dirty fuels like coal and fuel oil.

In a short period of time, SO2 can decrease temperature of an area of the planet.

It happens because it's good at seeding clouds, by combining with moisture in atmosphere to form droplets of sulfuric acid.

This creates more and fluffier clouds.

This happens when volcanoes erupt, and SO2 comes out. it can cool the planet with the dust and SO2.

One really big source of SO2 is the huge cargo ships that burn the cheapest oil which has a lot of SO2.

And they produce ship tracks, which you can see from space. They are clouds by sulfur dioxide being spat out from these big ships.

The UN's IMO made a new rule for sulfur regulation in 2020.

Over the last few years, scientist found the warming of the ocean is attributed to new light hitting it that wouldn't normally be hitting it because of less ship tracks, and less dust from sahara.

Global warming is worse than we thought it was because we were shielded by the effects of other pollution that we were throwing out in the air.

This is also good because it's a massive experiment that shows the effects of local geo-engineering on the atlantic ocean.

Instead of using SO2, one way is to just shoot sea water into the air using misters that make it super tiny so it can float in the air.

Most of the water evaporates leaving behind little crystals of salt that then can seed clouds, and falls back down into the ocean.

It's going to get hot enough that we'll see marine extinction, humans dying from heat wave, etc.

The 3 things we can do:

  • Stop putting new CO2
  • Start taking old CO2 out of atmosphere
  • Deal with impact of current warming

We're in the overlap period, where problem is big enough where we can't ignore anymore, but we can still do things to solve it.