Arts market and Museum

Today was an eventful day.

I read a chapter of The Death of Ivan Ilyich in the train to SF.

We dropped by the Outside LLMs hackathon for a while to talk to some friends from previous hackathons.

We left for the Art Walk in Outer Sunset on Irving Street.

I met up with two other friends.

We had really good Vietnamese food at Loi's Vietnamese.

THe Pho wasn't sweet, and I ordered the special beef which apparently is stir fried before putting into pho to give it Wok hei.

After that we walked to Golden Gate Park for the De Young Museum.

It was cool to observe different paintings, sculptures, artifacts, films, writings, portraiture, textiles, etc.

One thing that I still recall is this painter who went around California hiking spots, and painted them so people knew about these beautiful spots around California. We take for granted the instantaneous transmission and consumption of media we have with the internet today.

I also recall how different parts of the world has such unique and rich culture, and what the cause behind all of that is? Why do indonesians and africans have these scary masks and rituals, what inspired these artifacts?

After that we went Clement St for some dim sum.

I had some radish cake and BBQ pork bun.

Then we went JTown SF for Marufuku ramen.

I had the $7.5 Chashu Bowl which was one of the best pork belly with rice I've ever had.

I saw my friends do Sake bombs.

Then we all took the bart home.

I drove my friends car home from bart.

It was my first time driving alone in the US.

Some of the roads were confusing and it was dark.

I made it home safely at 11:26 p.m.