How to Side Project by Linus

I went to Notion HQ in SF today to listen to Linus Lee speak.

I was all the way at the back, so couldn't really extract any insight out of his talk.

I'm a big fan of his side projects. He shared how he approaches building in his blog.

He also has a page called his stream, which is his mini twitter feed.

A summary of his advice

  • ideas come from personal needs, solving an existing problem, or one that doesn't exist yet
  • work on the idea when motivation is highest.
  • Have templates and reusable frameworks to get started quickly. Use a consistent set of tools.
  • Share prototypes early, embrace the rough MVP as a tipping point.
  • Not every project reaches completion, reflect on what went wrong and apply the lessons to future ideas.
  • Make projects easy to iterate, monitor, update, and restore.
  • Push outside of your comfort zone
  • Build things that spark imagination and open up new possibilities, not just demonstrate technical skills.