Some people I admire

The selection of people who we choose to inspire us is one of life's most important choices.

Who you interact with shapes you irrevocably. What you engage with, you internalize.

In Henrik's piece on first we shape our social graphs, then it shapes us:

You see the same pattern with top performers in many domains—researchers, programmers, painters. Often they spend a great deal of thought on how to structure their milieu: whom to interact with, and what work to study and learn from. You can do this for soft values too, training yourself to be generous by surrounding yourself with generosity

Inspired by Nix's piece on "who do you admire?".

This is a living document housing the list of the people who I admire.

Here's a good limus test from Nix for curating your own source of inspiration:

do your inspirations, online and offline, make you feel more vital (do they strive in a way that feels ambitious, dynamic and meaningful?), conscious (do they evoke reflection?), free (do they expand what you think is possible?)


some curius people

some substack people I admire

Some more inspirations off the top of my head as I write this. this list is very much non-exhaustive.



AI people


  • Sindre Sorhus – made many useful ios and macos apps and gave them away for free


  • Elon Musk – his vision and grit
  • Steve Jobs – his presentation skills


  • Andrew Huberman – learning so much from his podcast


Last updated: Dec 30, 2023