Some IOS Apps I Like

a few ios apps on my i13 mini

a few ios apps on my i13 mini

Some IOS apps I really like and have been using a lot lately.

I'm a big fan of well-designed IOS apps, and I'm thinking of getting into SwiftUI, some of these apps here inspired me to start making my own.

  • Cosmos – better pinterest, beautiful design
  • Amie – the best calendar app in the world
  • Untitled – clean and minimal podcast app
  • Corner - travel journalling
  • Matter – the better read later app
  • – curating
  • Arts & Culture – best app google has ever made, discover great art
  • Stops – best film ios app
  • Retro – photo journal
  • Notion – notes for everything
  • Artifact – good, simple news app
  • Perplexity – a better search engine
  • – stats for your spotify
  • Flow – pomodoro timer
  • Journal – apple's journal app