What is MUJI?

I like MUJI products a lot.

They have an eye in creating pure and fresh products that are simple and low-cost, but good quality

The philosophy behind their design is a sentiment of "This will do" towards their products.

This is because we do not make objects to entice responses of strong affinity, like, “This is what I really want” or, “I must have this.” MUJI’s goal is to give customers a rational satisfaction, expressed not with, “This is what I really want” but with “This will do.” “This is what I really want” expresses both faint egoism and discord, while “This will do” expresses conciliatory reasoning. In fact, it may even incorporate resignation and a little dissatisfaction. MUJI’s goal is to sweep away that slight dissatisfaction, and raise the level of the response, “This will do” to one filled with clarity and confidence.

I wonder if this concept can extend to software products. A lot of software today has dark patterns hiding behind vibrant and colorful buttons and icons, designed to hack our attention and overstimulate us. Maybe we need more software that makes us go, "This will do".