The 90-9-1 rule

The 90-9-1 Rule: In social media networks, 90% of users just read content, 9% of users contribute a little content, and 1% of users contribute almost all the content. Gives a false impression of what ideas are popular or “average.”

Everything I read on the internet is just a subset of the entire world.

I live in a bubble of the people I follow on Twitter.

What you consume forms your opinions on what's popular.

It defines my dreams and visions.

Seeing other people building cool things on the internet, working on the cutting-edge, makes me want to do that too.

I wonder if I never used Twitter at all, if I would be a different person today.

What I consume has so much power on my thoughts and wants.

I think a good predictor of the formation of friendship is how similar their twitter and linkedin feed is, because to both parties, the popular ideas are the same, what they consume is the same, and the think the same.