Surface Area of Luck

'Give yourself a lot of shots to get lucky' is even better advice than it appears on the surface. Luck isn’t an independent variable but increases super-linearly with more surface area—you meet more people, make more connections between new ideas, learn patterns, etc. — Sam Altman

The bay area really is the place to be to increase your surface area of luck.

I went to a couple hackathons and AI events that gave me the opportunity to meet people, smart people that I would never have the chance to meet otherwise.

I don't have incredible social skills, but I was putting myself in these uncomfortable positions so I could build those skills.

Each event I went to gave me packets of new information for the next ones, it made the unknowns more known, and it helped me be more comfortable.

That's why I want to be back in the Bay.

I want to get more shots on the goal.

And that goal is to work on something cool, with great people.