Every Great Conversation has a Goal

The most important step of every great conversation is to enter it with a goal in mind.

Ask yourself before the conversation what is the best possible outcome for yourself and the other party, and create a plan to get closer to that outcome.

Here are some healthy and unhealthy conversation goals:

Healthy conversation goals:

  1. Finding the truth
  2. Building and strengthening relationships
  3. Reaching a mutual understanding
  4. Reaching a commitment
  5. Negotiating, or reaching a consensus or agreement
  6. Transmitting information and letting others know
  7. Producing results and finding solutions
  8. Aligning on roles, duties, and expectations
  9. Learning from each other
  10. Intervening and influencing

Unhealthy conversation goals:

  1. Being right or winning
  2. Looking good or saving face
  3. Coercing or intimidating
  4. Punishing or blaming
  5. Avoiding conflict and keeping the peace