golden gate park

  • A lot of questions going on about my idea
  • What is writing style, what are the eigenvectors of someone’s style, is it possible to recreate someone’s writing just with these key characteristics? Is there something else that is unmeasurable? Something more nuanced and indescribable?
  • How many examples of writing is sufficient to capture someone’s style, if different writings have different purposes (tutorials, explainers, op-eds, resources, etc) would u need the llm to selectively choose the writings that is suited for the chosen topic?
  • what counts as plagiarism? What are the factors you use to decide a writing is too similar? if you’re referencing material and writing about that topic, how much originality can you have without sacrificing the key ideas? I guess it depends on the goal of the writing, is it more opinion based or technical?
  • This means some forms of writing are easier to recreate and automate, i don’t think Joan Didion’s or Annie Ernaux’s writing is easy to recreate. Whereas medium blog posts that are average quality is easy.
  • how to have an llm review and edit your writing? Would a few llms, each tailored for a specific goal work well? Maybe let them chat with each other?

aside from these questions

  • golden gate park is chilly this time, like 17 degrees? sf weather is so dynamic
  • didn't get to play spike ball :(
  • i like the public libraries here, it's a quaint place with fun events and books, but quite a lot of homeless come here to charge their phones and use the bathroom
  • the basil dumplings at King of Noodles were pre good
  • i love Green Apple Books on the Park, great vibes here
  • i like reading about private and intimate letter exchanges (e.g. Rilke) and interviews asking deep personal questions of writers.