orientation day

  • the class demographic is so diverse
  • wondering who will be my close friends this year
  • the alumnis painted a stressful and hectic picture over the program, saying it's a lot of workload, I wonder if I can handle it
  • One of them straight up said he cried lol, i like that guy
  • they actually said "no creating a startup" in the program rules wow
  • not excited about group projects with random students, it's so hit or miss
  • add to reading list: Situational Awareness by Leopold Aschenbrenner
  • chipotle is pre good, 13 bucks for a big portion (2.5 meals)
  • even if you’re not feeling okay, and things are not going well, just be happy and smile for parents, not outright lying if things are really bad and you need support, but maintain positive and happy, its the least you can do so they feel secure and safe, with you being thousands of miles away.
  • working on a project to draft articles for me from evening till night, i love it when I get engrossed in a project, started working on it the minute i woke up the next day
  • Takeaway and reminder from orientation from current Ben: start practicing Python, stats and prob, ml, touch them for >5 mins everyday. start to adopt the mindset of a data scientist. i guess the question now is which resource to focus on, how to practice them, and when to implement the habits