housing acquired

  • i need a service for moving luggages in between hotels and airports. for families and international students with stuffed luggages
  • moved to Winsor hotel, such a sketchy place, every block has a homeless, literally everyone that passes by is homeless
  • thank God I left a voice message yesterday to P, signed a lease on the spot, paid, and got the keys
  • finally done with the Trulia + Hotpad + craigslist hunt
  • after about 7 or 8 tours, the one at the very end was the best, cheap (for SF), free air beds (thanks Petr!), chairs and tables, some ikea stuff, free laundry and dryer, a rooftop, close to chinatown, felt like I landed on a gold mine. feeling grateful and thankful, God really does deliver.
  • yee's beef stew and house special chicken
  • i need to practice my canto
  • bought noodles and tofu and vegetables, i could survive on this for a year but i should eat more if i want to gain
  • when I'm earning comfortably, i will shop at trader joe's everyday
  • is amazon just cheaper for everything, what should I not shop at Amazon?
  • is there walmart in SF? what's the equivalent
  • hoping to get a plant, but where can i put it hmm
  • finally get to unpack, like a great weight off your shoulders, one you've been carrying around for a week.
  • things are going great, a rough start and week, but a good start
  • tired but excited