Flying to Toronto

The CN Tower

The CN Tower

I'm flying to Toronto today.

It's my first time going to Canada.

I read "The Sun Also Rises" by Ernest Hemingway on the plane.

It's situated in Paris in the 1920s, so it intertwines a lot of French words and locations in the text. So far it's just people going from one bar to another, dancing, and drinking a lot, which is the culture of the time.

I landed in O'hare airport in search for food. I got a salad from a restaurant called Summer House, they did not get my order correct. I ate only the lettuce. I got a plain hamburger from McDonald's for the protein and some bagel bites from Auntie Anne's to satisfy my cravings.

First impression of flying Air Canada is the use of French by the flight attendants and the announcements on the plane.

The plane was pretty old, the interface for the entertainment system was also super slow, like each click will take 5 seconds and the hourglass loading animation would show up.

I read more of "The Sun Also Rises" on the plane. I stopped at the part where Jake and Bill were fishing in Spain.

I started noticing French translations in all the signs.

I exchanged some Canadian dollars, bought a $12.35 ticket for the UP Express train to downtown Toronto.

At one point the scene outside of the window looked like Kuala Lumpur.

When I arrived at Union station, it was confusing.

I waited for R and H, my friends from Tesla to meet up.

We found each other, and drove into Kensington Market.

We passed by many mushrooms and weed shops, something I found surprising.

We headed towards Juicy Dumplings, and got souped dumplings and Pan Fried juicy pork buns.

After that, we decided to get hot pot. It was H's first time trying.

We walked around more as we waited for a text to be seated.

H talked about his fear of getting stabbed by someone with a needle, which made both of us paranoid.

Chinatown was relatively quiet that night, perhaps because it was a Monday.

We sat down at 8:35 p.m.

We promptly ordered our soup, some cuts of beef and lamb, and made our sauce.

The beef was the best I've ever had, there was a crunch to it, and it was tender.

We talked about what 20 year olds would talk about.

After dinner, we went to our airbnb to check in.

We said our goodbyes, and promised to see each other again in the bay.

I struggled with the wifi, knocked on someone's door, and met A, a film student from South Korea.

I took a shower, unpacked, called my parents, did some writing.

I slept at 2:30 a.m.