How to Read

Every finish reading a book, thinking how much you enjoyed it?

But when your friends ask you about it, you're not able to tell them what it's about?

If that's you, you need to learn how to read critically.

The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read. ― Mark Twain

Reading Stage

Tip #1: Read with a pencil

  • underline key passages and write notes in margins
  • write down any questions, go back and write the answer afterwards
  • Underline quotes that you like

Tip #2: Read twice

  • read without a pencil to get a vague understanding of the book
  • On the second reading, pick up the pencil and begin underlining

Post reading stage

Step 1: recollect

  • Write summaries at the end of each chapter
  • retrieving -> consolidates it into your long-term memory

Step 2: reflect

  • paraphrase in simple terms
  • write down anything that comes to mind related to the topic

Step 3: respond

  • If you’re convinced by the author’s argument, write a counterargument
  • If you’re not convinced, write an argument supporting the author’s position
  • Either way helps you find holes in your thinking, which helps you write more convincing essays.