Habits of Great SWEs

Software engineers do more than just coding.

The difference between a developer and a great developer is the breadth and depth of their approach in delivering value.

Here are 8 habits of great SWEs.

  1. Focusing beyond the code: how does the code interact with other components? scaling? maintainability?
  2. Efficiency / Antifragility: Making sure everything around you runs smoothly and has forward momentum
  3. Joy of tinkering: build projects, try out frameworks, build stuff on the side. Keeps the spark alive.
  4. Knowing the why: dig deep into why your code does what it does, too many abstractions nowadays that rarely someone thinks below the level of their language e.g JS devs not thinking about the engine that runs their code.
  5. Thinking in systems: knowing how your code impacts not only your individual system but other parts of the business/application/life.
  6. Tech detox: Recharging away from your monitor makes you a better programmer.
  7. The art of approximation: Knowing important tech numbers to approximate calculations when making decisions when programming. (Napkin Math)