First Room-Temperature Superconductor

What might be the biggest physics discovery in my lifetime is contained in this paper.

Here's the significance of ambient temperature / pressure superconductor:

  • Lossless electricity transmission at high voltages and current: 100 billion kWh of electricity are wasted on transmission losses each year in the US alone. That's equivalent to 3 of our largest nuclear reactors running 24/7
  • Easy to create: LK-99 material can be prepared in about 34 hrs with extremely basic lab equipment
  • New reactor designs: Nuclear fusion reactors rely on superconductors for plasma confinement. Modern designs use RBCO/YBCO superconductors cooled with LN2 or Liquid He, creating a huge temperature gradient and challenging operation.
  • Room temperature quantum computers: Quantum computers use superconductors to preserve coherence in qubits. Small changes in temperature and pressure can cause the entire QC to fail during operation.
  • Superconductors batteries: Simply inject a current and keep it in the coil until you need it. Previously, too costly to maintain.
  • Ultra-efficient computer chips: 0 resistive losses during operation with superconductors. No need for cooling fans
  • everything else: super-cheap MRI machines, MagLev trains everywhere, and a super efficient electric grid



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