12 Important Questions

The right question at the right time can change the course of a life, still a turbulent mind, or heal an angry heart.

Here are 12 questions that should be asked many times over the course of your life, or even throughout the day.

  1. Who Do You Spend Time With?
  2. Is This In My Control?
  3. What Does Your Ideal Day Look Like?
  4. To Be Or To Do?
  5. If I Am Not For Me, Who Is? If I Am Only For Me, Who Am I?
  6. What Am I Missing By Choosing To Worry or Be Afraid?
  7. Am I Doing My Job?
  8. What Is The Most Important Thing?
  9. Who Is This For?
  10. Does This Actually Matter?
  11. Will This Be Alive Time or Dead Time?
  12. Is This Who I Want To Be?