Second Party experience

Went to my second intern party today in Palo Alto.

We got in super early at 8:30 p.m. (party was set to start at 8).

We started playing beer pong, which I'm weirdly good at.

I was a lot more comfortable at this party.

I proactively reached out to people.

I was better at prompting them, being curious about people, and being more relaxed.

I was able to crack some jokes too, and was more natural.

At one point some friends wanted to dance, dancing still feels awkward, I don't know what to do with my hands.

I met an Armenian guy from Canada and we had a lot of shared interest.

We talked about startups we want to work for, the work visa situation, and about graduate school.

He shared a vegan food startup called Climax Foods, which uses AI for food protein.

It made me realize that there are many companies outside of big tech that is doing interesting stuff, and it could be something that I enjoy and can bring meaning.

I like this part about parties the most, there's so many people there that there's bound to be one person where there's a spark in the conversation.

A good rule of thumb is if you feel like talking to someone, just do it.

It might lead to something meaningful, a new friendship, a new idea, a new life course.

No one remembers what you said anyways after a party, and they're probably drunk, so just go for it.