Muir Woods

I went to Muir Woods National Monument today with a bunch of friends.

Parking fee was 9andentrancefeewasand entrance fee was15.

We drove from Berkeley, passing the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, and it took around an hour with traffic, the road up to the woods was windy.

We did the Bridge 4 back on Hillside trail, and it took around an hour.

I saw a woodpecker, a lot of butterflies, and a ton of redwoods that split into two, and interesting tree branches.

Muir woods was pretty crowded, and the trails were smaller and packed.

I enjoyed Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park more when I visited with my parents.

It was just a 10$ parking fee and had more bigger redwoods.

The smaller crowd which beget a quieter environment, wider trails, and colder temperature just made me feel more like I was in nature.

The next stop is Big Basin State Park, which the 11-mile Berry Creek Falls Loop has 3 beautiful waterfalls.

There are other redwood hikes that I hope I get to explore in the future.