Advice for New College Grads

Some advice for new college grads by Chris from 2006.

It's advice that was written down 17 years ago, yet is still as, or more, important today.

  • amount of happiness ∝ amount of frustration
    • frustration is all about unmet expectations, learn to set your expectation about life realistically.
    • when you find yourself dissatisfied, ask yourself what you expected, and ask yourself why you expected what you did.
  • Good things in life take work
    • in careers (work extra hard in your 20s) and in relationship (like taking care of a plant)
    • don't expect getting to good life will be easy.
  • Rethink what you really want
    • if you want to be rich, why? to not work again? that's boredom.
    • best reason to be rich is: to go from "have tos" -> "want tos"
    • ultimate goal: meaningful relationships
      • "the good life is a life inspired by love and guided by knowledge" - Bertrand Russell
  • the world is vastly different today than when your parents started working
    • no more working for the same company for your entire career
    • be mindful of the opportunities for advancement
    • the objective of your first job is to get a better one as soon as you can.
  • time is to be spent and invested wisely
    • the key to good life is balancing how much time you spend on the moment and on the future
    • spend 12 on the future and 4 on today (3:1 ratio)
      • future = your job, working out (health), reading (gaining knowledge for the future), artistic endeavors (emotional outlets are tied to mental health and sometimes your financial future)
      • in the moment is your release: party. have fun. socialize.
  • focus on your people skills
    • social education is every bit as important as scholarly education
    • try to understand what motivates people and why; ask questions and learn to listen
    • be interested in people because you can learn something from anyone.
    • be mindful of how people perceive you; be aware of what's going on in the minds of other people
    • axiom: expect more from yourself and less from other people
  • Money: Learn to say no to your desires
    • avoid debt as much as possible
    • maximize income and minimize expenses
    • your lifestyle should reflect your desires to have vast richest later;
  • Love is wonderful, but also extremely dangerous
    • think about what you want out of love; discern about who you fall in love with
    • the feeling of love is largely outside of our control, but we are in control of whether we are in situations where love may emerge.
    • get to know people from a distance before you get intimate with them