Pure and Simple Joy

John talks about how emotions are multitudinous and complex, and how he's never really able to feel something purely.

If something good happens, he feels a hint of dread along with it. That something bad is about to happen, the universe evening the score.

If it's something negative, he'll try to minimize or avoid/escape it.

The only time he's able to feel pure and simple joy is when he was at a Wimbledon game.

Where the love (for the sport) was oriented in the same direction, and the emotion was shared.

It made me think about the last time I felt pure joy. And how rare it is in my life.

Every time something good happens to me, there is a side order of dread. What if I'm not good enough? I don't deserve this. I was just lucky. I can never really accept it in it's pure form.

Emotions aren't meant to be handled alone. Our minds easily twist the good into bad, and we avoid the bad and sweep it under the rug, even though they can teach us important life lessons and help us grow.

What I took away from this is emotions, both good and bad, should be shared with the people you love, and when emotions are shared, they become simpler.