Every Day is an Adventure

“Adventure may hurt you, but monotony will kill you.” — Marcus Purvis

It's only my second week and I'm already feeling frustrated by the monotonous routine every day.

I've been getting up at the same time, taking the same bus, train, and shuttle to work and back home.

With the amount of time I spend waiting for the bus, and commuting home alone, it's starting taking a toll on me.

I've grown tired of life.

But what I've seem to forget is the fact that I'm >8000 miles away from home, and I'm in the Bay Area, the place where I've dreamt of coming to work since I was a freshman in Malaysia.

That this entire summer is also an adventure that not everyone gets to have, and the fact that I get to be here is such a blessing.

I'm going to start my morning asking "What's my adventure today?"

This simple reframing can shift my perspective and make life more colorful.

It'll help me pay attention to my surroundings, the place I'm at, and the people around me.

Life has a surprising amount of detail.

And if I just stop and reflect, I'll be aware of the invitations that life is sending out for me to take on new adventures.