AGI House Hackathon

I was at WING Autonomous Apps Hackathon @ AGI House today

It was at a mansion where a bunch of VCs live.

I was in the presence of a bazillion YC AI startup founders, PhD students, and FAANG engineers.

There was crazy energy at the event. Everyone was building something with AI.

A part of me was feeling major insecurities, I felt out of place, and unworthy. Another part of me was just glad to be in the circle, where you hear people talking about their startups, casually saying they used to work at Google, they went to Stanford.

I teamed up with a bunch of undergrads, a Palo Alto Councilmember with a tech background, and an ex-googler.

We built a automated marketing tool for campaigns, using agents to extract relevant information from donors and the politician, and draft personalized emails.

It was fun building this, I worked on integrating agents with gmail, but it was finnicky and I ended up just using google-api for drafting the emails.

It was exciting at the end, we were racing against time trying to tie all the pieces together, and have something presentable.

I'm still not making use of the opportunity to talk to founders, and learn about what it's like to be in YC.

I should compile a list of questions to ask next time. And be more aware of the benefits I could reap from making connections and building my network.

Here's a list of projects from the demo:

  • patchgpt: automatically generate and run a PowerShell script to patch a vulnerability detected by
  • SRE bot: fix your bugs in production
  • Rendition Prompt Evaluation and Testing: Don't be terrified to change your prompts running in production
  • The time machine of your memory - Autonomous memory agent
  • MultiOn x RealChar: How to use multion to help realchar more powerful
  • Agent Podcast, GitHub: Let realistic and vocal agents host their podcast on
  • AI Role Create Agent: Autonomous AI Role Create Agent for
  • ChatAI Creator Agent, GitHub: Everyone’s ChatAI Creator Agent, high-quality and low friction
  • kubegpt: using OpenAI's GPT-powered generation capabilities to create a Kubernetes spec from a simple, human-readable description
  • Conversation Starter: Help you better start a conversation with speakers on meetup
  • M&A Auto Redline: An autonomous lawyer who will provide revisions to your M&A contracts
  • High Flyers: An autonomous agent that registers frequent flyer accounts for you
  • Skateboard - Frictionless API Onboarding: You're an API company, I'm a developer, this agent integrates your API into my repo effortlessly
  • Parameta Trades: Reducing hallucinations with Code Interpreter style analysis for stock trading
  • Mediscribe: An autonomous scribe for busy doctors and patients
  • Syntopica, GitHub: Chrome extension for personalized website summaries with Notion references
  • Near me - a leisure agent: Create a knowledge graph from a book and reader notes metadata. Link together the topics
  • CampAIgn: The AI agent-powered political funding pipeline
  • Lumos
  • Relay, Design: Multi-agent Product Development Teams
  • Moonshot-Stock: Agent for stock-trading
  • Enhanced Tree-of-Thought Reasoning Agent, Twitter: Enhanced Tree-of-Thought reasoning agent. Implementing this technique.
  • Domain Agent: An agent that finds better domains + brands for you because GoDaddy sucks
  • Create Your Own Food (dataset) for Your Own AI, Presentation: Create Your Own Food (dataset) for Your Own Vertical AI to Be fine-tuned
  • SyncMate: slack bot that autonomously collects the slack chats and publicly available digital footprint to prep for the upcoming meeting or even initiate chats with a person of interest.
  • FormBlaster 🔫: We help you fill more forms than you could.