YC interview Experience

One of my life goals is to get into YC.

I love building things and I want to experience the life of being a founder, and making something that people want, even though it's like eating glass and staring into the abyss of death, I still want to do it.

Here's some takeaways from a founder who recently went through the interview.

  • Interview selection rate is 7%, and only 3-4% make it to the batch
  • When you apply for YC, they ask you about your idea, team, fund raising, but also other startup ideas
  • Interviews are one question, and one quick answer, and move on
    • Example mock questions on this website
  • Try to be formidable, but don't be too defensive
    • you need to have conviction, complete confidence in your idea
    • you have to be open and willing to hear feedback, they have a good reason for disagreeing with you, and you should listen
  • They'll challenge you on PMF and scale
    • Can you grow into the next billion dollar company, the next unicorn?
  • not every business is venture scalable / needs capital, if you have an idea, just go build it
  • Many YC founders are not first time applicants, they want you to keep trying, show your passion
  • The YC office wifi password is "makesomething"
  • They might not invest in your current idea, but your team and your execution