Another day at work

You get into the office on a Monday morning, your colleague besides you asks how your weekend went.

Another colleague joins in the conversation.

Everyone decides to get coffee.

You talk some more, and finally get back to your desk.

You're about continue working on a task you left unfinished last Friday, but a meeting notification pops up.

You join the meeting. You're not directly involved but you have to be in it anyways.

An hour passes.

You get back to the task.

You get stuck on a bug. You spend an hour fixing it, and it's lunch time.

You grab lunch with colleagues, you talk about more about your weekend, life updates, and upcoming plans. An hour passes.

You get back to your desk, but food coma hits. Your productivity level is low.

You try to work on your project but end up getting distracted by emails and messages.

You make a little progress, but another meeting is coming up in 20 minutes.

After the meeting, you have the energy to work on your project, but it's almost the end of the day.

Everyone's leaving, and you're leaving too, before traffic gets bad.

You close your laptop, and decide to work on it tomorrow.

It's just another day at work.