Why YC

Founders of these companies:

Answers why apply to YC

  • Mentorship and Support
    • get roasted by Michael Seibel
    • honest feedback and to quickly iterate in a short 3-month period
  • Working with Partners
    • rare that a VC firm has partners who have gone through building companies
    • people who have gone through the experience
  • Community and Network
    • being part of a community of like-minded people
    • starting a company is a road that few people traverse on
    • having a network of people who understand what you're going through as a founder
  • Following YC and it's Reputation
    • reader of hackernews and Paul Graham essay
    • track record, the name, the power of YC network
  • Hiring and Funding
    • the best people in the world want to work in YC companies
    • right amount of money with right amount of time (3 months) with demo day at the end
    • funding is becoming challenging, YC brings validation and credibility
  • Building Network Outside Bay Area
    • people building in other parts of the world get to meet people in the Bay area

Peek at DoorDash's application video 10 years ago