For Hacking Together a Front-End

I learned React and Next.js from building hackathon demos for the past 2 years.

My first ever React project was a tool that would generate a nice card given a YouTube channel link. I never shipped it out but it was a fun, and frustrating experience to just dive in top-down after watching a 10 min intro to Javascript.

I started using Next.js for hackathons, and the first app I built was for the HackSC22 hackathon, where me and Andy built an app for voting between two random memes.

My knowledge on it is not comprehensive. I never took a webdev class from the ground up so I often struggle with CSS and other trivial errors.

But I get by with AI, searching docs and blogs quickly, and fast iteration and experimentation.

I've been building an app for the past two days with W.

It's frustrating to build UI, especially when your level of taste >>> skill. I feel like the errors are really not worth my time. And I could be doing other work that is more important. But I digress.

Below are a couple resources I discovered so far.

Design Inspo

UI libraries