Getting things done

Some useful tactics to getting things done in small increments by Patrick Dubroy.

  • Make small progress everyday: most things worth doing take longer, make a little progress even if it's 20 minutes a day
  • Always know what the next thing to do is: have a clear end goal (e.g. fix this bug) or concrete next step (e.g. write function to do X), add TODO statements in code.
  • Pay attention to feedback loops: fast feedback is important when working in small increments, this might mean hot reload for React, TDD, etc.
  • For bigger things, make a plan and keep a log: take 10-15 minutes to write down a plan before starting, when you get interrupted, take 30 seconds to summarize your progress and any next steps
  • Block distractions: HN, Twitter, block these websites on your computer, make context switching hard, use arc spaces to help you focus on one thing.