Stress is Good

There's a study with over 30,000 people people had higher risk of illness and death related to stress only if they thought stress is bad for them.

Those who didn't have negative view of stress had lowest mortality rate, even those who experienced low amount of stress.

It's not stress that kills us. It's our beliefs about stress that kills us.

Mindset matters.

Moderate amount of stress is best for you.

Low or high stress doesn't result in higher well being.

Not having adversity is not good

Statistics show the unhappiest countries are the least stressed, not the happiest.

Viktor Frankl, overcoming adversity is one of the main reasons humans live for

Our fear of stress is just the resistance piece

Suffering = Pain x Resistance

Pain is inevitable and it's something all humans go through.

Pain -> suffering when we resist pain

Stress is when something you value is at stake

Stress is pain.

weight lifting = stress on muscles and micro-tears

Pain is inevitable.

we create suffering when we try to cut out our stress levels.

stress level scales don't make sense because

terrifying and fear mongering

how you conceptuqlize and respond to stress is crucial whether ou have positive or negative outcome

it's not your actual stress level, it's how you cope with it.

Two types of stress response

  1. Threat response: fight, flight or freeze
  2. Challenge response: not as life threatening danger, but a challenge which is surmountable using skills at your disposal

The difference lies in your mindset going into it.

A lot of people with anxiety disorder overestimate/overinflate their interpretation of bodily sensation, even though they have the same level of stress hormones

Some ways turn into challenge response

Shift and persist - shift your mindset on stress from something to be avoided to something you can use to your advan tage and persist by maintaining optimisim even in the face of painful experiences

also known as (antifragility, growth mindset, resilienace, grit)

20 journalling thinking about the good from a painful experience can help you reap outcomes

find the meaning in stress and focus on your values

use stress to get you closer to your goals

Pain is inevitable, suffering is not

World-class athletes perform better under pressure because they use stress as fuel

there is a fine line between excitement and anxiety

harness stress into excitement.

Tend and befriend - focusing on helping others, helping others, giving back

seeing suffering of others reduce our own suffering.

promotes oxytocin which calms you down

stress is only harmful if you think it is

If you don't focus on meaning making, values alignment, see it's benefits, focus on how it can feel you, and how it can help you perform

Stress is only toxic if you feel inadequate to it, it isolates you, and it feels meaningless and powerless for you to deal with stress.

Isolate yourself.

If you're stressed don't be around other stressed people.