9 Principles of Better Stories

Our lives are made up of moments, big and small.

We share them with stories.

We tell them through words and through speech.

Bad stories fail to capture the right ideas, and fail to inspire people.

Good storytelling can awaken, galvanize, energize, embolden, and motivate people to change, to live, to build.

Here are 9 Principles of Better Stories.

  1. Better Stories are transformational.
  2. Better Stories capture your imagination.
  3. Better Stories tell the truth.
  4. Better Stories have measurable outcomes.
  5. Better Stories are emotional.
  6. Better Stories use strong verbs & short sentences.
  7. Better Stories are surprising.
  8. Better Stories are understandable.
  9. Better Stories inspire action.

Reminds me of this podcast I listened to while on my road trip

How to tell better stories | Matthew Dicks (Storyworthy)