First Party Experience

It's 1am, I just got back from a Tesla interns party.

We reached "early", it starts at 9 pm and we were there at 9:30 pm.

I went with 3 other buddies who we just came back from a trip to Davenport Beach and Santa Cruz.

It was slow at the start, just a couple circles of friends chatting about whatever friends chat about.

There was a fire out at the ward, and a small booth where the DJ was playing.

A couple more people started coming in.

You start meeting friends of friends, and the occasional stranger who is very outgoing introduces him or herself.

Even though they'll forget my name right after the conversation ends, it helps you mingle around with other people.

The one thing I really despise about these networking parties is the moments where you're in a circle, and after the "where do you work", "what team", and "where are you from" questions have been answered, the awkward silence comes.

Everyone is thinking about it, but nobody knows what to do.

There should be a playbook for how to navigate situations like that.

I'm much better at one-on-one conversations.

Group conversations is like an NP hard problem for me, I never know who to direct questions to, and how to act in that situation. I have no solutions.

By 11 pm it was a full house.

Most of the night I was just observing other people.

I saw a group of asian americans and thought about how my life would be if I grew up in the US. Would I turn out to be like them?

I left at midnight.