Painful Questions

Questions that can sting, a little bit or a lot, based on our past or current lives.

Self-loathing is not productive, but if you can't see yourself accurately, you won't change, or have the desire to change.

"Loving yourself is not incompatible with believing you're capable of more"

  1. Am I taking personal responsibility for the world, or am I waiting for someone else to tell me what to do?
  2. Does this action bring me closer to or further from my idealized self?
  3. If no one could see me doing this, would I still do it?
  4. If everyone could see me doing this, would I still do it?
  5. If I were choosing for an uncountable number of ‘me’s, would I choose this?
  6. Why would an insecure, status-seeking, fearful, vengeful person do this thing I’m doing?
  7. To what extent do I try to distract myself from direct exposure to the contents of my own mind?
  8. Am I avoiding information that I know might change my behavior?
  9. When engaging with new subject matter, am I motivated by a desire to understand it, or to have an opinion about it?