Taking Good Reading Notes

True reading is not a passive process.

It should be processed thoroughly, thinking and writing on what you have read, forming connections with your own experiences and knowledge.

No book as any value if we do not turn that influx of information into knowledge or skill.

The best way to internalize and apply what you read is to take good notes.

Some key points

  • Read the book the first time swiftly, capturing key ideas that stand out as useful, interesting, or inspiring
    • write questions or concepts described in a few words (these act as hints to remember what you captured at the time)
    • Use unique markings to divide text into it's functions, i.e. D for definition, M for main idea, A for argument, star for important, ? for questions, etc.
    • Write a few bullet points to summarize at the end of each chapter, make ti personal, something applicable to your life.
  • Read the second time, but only your markings and notes
  • Transfer notes into a digital palace (for retrieval)