Noise vs Music

Everything we do is music. - John Cage

What separates music from noise?

In a jazz club, the rhythmic honking of horns is music.

But why is the same car honks on a highway noise instead?

It depends on our expectations.

We treat something as music if it uses recognizable structure and patterns, and existing instruments and harmonies.

They're based on existing musical traditions.

John Cage, an American composer, wanted to go beyond these constraints, and discover new music.

His work blurred the lines between art and everyday life.

He went on national television to perform Water Walk, which uses household items as instruments.

He dared listeners to question boundaries between music and noise, as well as sound and silence.

Cage was a bold explorer, and he didn't want to be bounded by restrictions.

He shattered expectations of music, and created a once in a lifetime experience for his listeners.