Make Money, Have Fun, Do Good

I believe anyone wants to be in a position where they can make money, have fun, and do good.

Matt Mochary writes in his Mochary Method Curriculum that if you try to optimize for all three, you'll end up in a place that provided none.

So now I'm optimizing for making money, because that will give me the financial stability I need to have fun and pursue my passion, and the resources to do good.

He talks about how the feeling of success in making money lasted a week, and having fun lasted for years, but changing lives by doing good, it's a deep satisfaction that he's never felt before. And it's the best feeling that you'll ever experience.

This is what's motivating me to work in FAANG as a SWE or MLE in the US, because they pay an absurd amount compared to other places in the world.

My hope is to collect experiences and people here, and then have fun at the same time doing hard and fulfilling work.

Once I've learned all I can, it'll be time to do good. To start a company. To give back to the people who helped me get there.

I look forward to that day.