Misinformation and AI

Misinformation is eroding people's trust in science.

Tristan Harris, technology ethicist talks about balancing the power of creation of technologies with our responsibility to govern and understand it.

"We can't have the power of gods without the love, produce and wisdom of gods"

Daniel Schmachtenberger

If you have more power than wisdom, you're creating effects in society that you can't see.

By definition, you have more power than you have awareness of what those effects are.

Think of it as a biosafety level 4 laboratory.

If you have biosafety level 4 capabilities where you're developing pathogens, you need biosafety level 4 safety practices.

With AI, we're not inventing biosafety level 10 capabilities, but we haven't even invented biosafety level 10 practices.

We need to look in the mirror and think about how do we bind and limit the power we are handing out to the appropriate level of wisdom and responsibility.

The biggest mistake with social media is handing out Godlike powers of instant resharing to everyone.

It helpful when it's bound to wisdom, but it's not going well because that power is not bound to wisdom.

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