Luck Surface Area

Every success takes a little bit of luck. Hard work alone isn't enough.

Luck might seem like an uncontrollable force, but we can increase our surface area of luck.

That happens by working in public.

Do work and publish it. Tweet your latest side project. Write a blog post. Find your community and build with them.

The goal is to increase the chances of luck finding us.

This concept of Luck Surface Area has a simple formula.

Luck = [Doing Things] * [Telling People]

Get over the fear that's stopping you from building and sharing publicly. It's not worth keeping around.

Don't be afraid to dive deep into your curiosity.

Whatever excites you, be excited about it publicly.

Publishing is a skill you can learn. You learn it by practicing it daily, like a muscle. It will become second nature.

People like stories, so bring them along. Share the wins, the losses, and the thought process.