Dealing With Low Focus

I had a lot of low-focus days the past three months, particularly this month.

There could be a few reason.

Either the surgery on March 1st resulted in mental and physical tiredness that made it hard to focus.

Or it's just too incredibly hot in Malaysia and the heat makes you sleepy and not want to do things.

Or the work that I've set out to do is inherently difficult and I expect it to be easy and I flinch away when it gets hard or uncomfortable.

Or I'm not working on the right things that can provide intrinsic motivation to induce a state of flow, where work feel like play and time ceases to exist.

Either way, I found these questions by Awais Hussain.

On low-focus days, work through this list of questions below.

If a question below triggers a response, then that's a sign for something you need to address to improve your focus.

  • Local factors
    • Did I get enough sleep yesterday?
    • Have I been eating enough / healthily?
    • Have I been exercising enough?
  • Work factors
    • Do I know what I am working on?
    • Do I know what the concrete next steps are to make progress?
    • Do I know what the ultimate vision is?
    • Am I convinced that the vision is a thing worth doing? Why or why not?
    • Has it been too long since I went on vacation?
  • External factors
    • Is there something else in my life that I am uncertain or stressed about?
    • Are there any decisions I know I need to make, but I’m putting off?
    • Are there any conversations I need to have with people that I have been delaying?
  • Spiritual factors
    • Do I feel like I’m on a good path in life generally?
    • Am I adequately expressing gratitude for the things I am grateful for?