Learn by Writing

Write about what you learn.

It pushes you to understand better.

The gaps in your knowledge only becomes clear when you try to explain it to someone else.

Some ideas why learning through writing helps:

  • Exploration: Writing about a subject can in cases require a comprehensive exploration of the topic. This often leads to uncovering new insights and connections that might not be apparent through mere reading or listening.
  • Articulation: Putting thoughts into words forces a person to clarify their understanding. This process of articulation helps in identifying areas where the understanding might be vague or incomplete.
  • Reflection: Writing allows for reflection on the subject matter, enabling the learner to connect new information with existing knowledge. This synthesis helps in creating a more robust and interconnected understanding of the subject.
  • Revelation of Gaps: Sometimes, the act of writing reveals areas where the knowledge is lacking or inconsistent. Recognizing these gaps is the first step towards filling them and achieving a more complete understanding.

Apply the feynman technique when writing:

  1. Choose a concept you want to learn about.
  2. Pretend you are teaching it to a student. Use simple language and avoid jargon
  3. Identify gaps in your explanation. Go back to the source material to better understand it.
  4. Simplify and use analogies.
  5. Review and refine until you can explain it in the simplest way possible.