First KPop Concert

I never was really into KPOP.

I found the music to be loud and shallow.

But I'm optimizing for new experience this summer so I decided to go to a TWICE concert with a friend.

I listened to some of their songs yesterday, and went for the concert today.

We sat at one of the top rows, so I could only see their faces on the big screens.

My first thought when they showed up, and the crowd going wild, was how attractive all the members are. They seem fake almost, like AI-generated faces.

I really admired their dance choreography throughout the concert, and the work they put into the performances.

The solo performances by each member was fun to watch, it showed how each of them are unique and has different talents.

I find their conversations with the fans in-between performances very entertaining, they're awkward and funny.

There was a show-your-moves segment where the camera pointed at the audience, it was fun to watch people dance.

Some of the songs were catchy, but they mostly just blended together, and I could barely tell the difference at the end.

As someone who wasn't even a fan, it's interesting being at the concert.

It's like an outsiders perspective of the idolization and craze around a KPop band.

I remember just thinking, "They're just normal human beings like us, why is everyone so obsessed with them?"

It's the same with sports fans too.

Why do human beings get so fanatical about celebrities, pop stars, sports clubs?

Is it a tribalism thing? Does the people around us feed this energy?

Or is it coming from within? Are these celebrities that we put on a pedestal the people we ourselves seek to become? Are they're the ideal versions of humanity that deserve worship and love?