Skill of Humor

"In today's overworked, underappreciated, stress-filled, sleep-deprived culture, humor is a necessity."

Andrew Tarvin, the world's first Humor Engineer talks about how humor is a skill we all can learn.

He wasn't the class clown in high school but the teachers pet.

His personality assessments prompted him to study to become a compute science engineer in college.

He's the last person his high school friends at the reunion would expect to be a comedian.

But we're not our personality assessments.

It gives us insight into our behaviours and what motivates us.

But we are defined by our actions.

He started doing comedy in college.

And now he's performed in 50 states.

Some takeaways from his talks

It doesn't matter how much time we have if we never have the energy to do anything with it

  1. Share your point of view, use different perspectives to connect
  2. Explore and heighten, if this is true, what else is true?
  3. Practice, perform, repeat
    • Think back on your past conversations and attempts at humor because reflection on the past, leads to action in the future
  4. You can be a shephard of humor, share quotes, share videos
  5. humor can be inappropriate, avoid certain subjects (sex, drugs), targets (boss, coworker) and time (layoffs), focus on good vibes only

Be more aware of how you can create humor every single day.