Hong Kong Day 4

Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Pier

Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Pier

  • been waking up with blood on one particular front teeth because braces is shifting my teeth
  • tasteless breakfast at the station
  • the rain really affects my mood when travelling, HK has really erratic heavy rains
  • Was reminded that I want a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel when I saw one
  • Bookstores for buying souvenirs and trinkets

"Same as ever" by Morgan Housel notes

  • Never thought about war and military as an engine for innovation, the incentive to not die and be killed by the enemy creating a burst of scientific progress
  • “The same people with the same intelligence have wildly different potential under different circumstances”
  • Fear as a motivator, procrastination and indecision killer, attention funnel
  • WWII started with horseback in 1939 and nuclear fission in 1945
  • NASA was created two weeks after Sputnik, and landed on the moon 11 years later
  • If you’re efficient you’re doing it the wrong way
  • “To enjoy peace, we need everyone to make good choices. In contrast, just one poor choice by one side leads to war” – Yuval
  • Complex to make, Simple to break – humans (making one is complex, death is simple)
  • A lot of progress and good news concerns things that didn’t happen, making hard to contextualize and measure
  • HK has no sales tax so apple is cheaper here than china

The ferry ride

  • The ferry is so slow, but makes sense since it's a short distance, only 8 minutes, the foggy view reminded me of SF
  • It's cheap, only 2 dollars for 4 people.
  • I liked hearing the sounds of ocean waves crash ing on the boat, the smell of the sea in the breeze, and the conversations of other tourists.

"The World According to color" notes in eslite spectrum near Tsim Sha Tsui port

  • “Color is the touch of the eye, music to the deaf, a word out of the darkness” – Orhan Pamuk
  • Velázuez recognized the power of black, Édouard Manet revered him and also saw the potential of black
  • Turner’s color charts
  • Turner’s Ulysses deriding Polyphemus
  • Wassily Kadinsky’s improvisation 19 (Blue Sound)
  • Tutuan’s Bacchus made with the most exotic and expensive pigments in 16th ct Venice. Features some of the purest ultramarine ever identified in the history of art
  • Monet’s house of parliament, Seagulls is a pageant of purples
  • Howard Hodgkins’s Leaf – one of the most endearing color association – green and vegetation

Last paragraph of the book

The ancient Egyptian term for 'colour' was iwn - a word that also meant 'skin', 'nature', 'character' and 'being', and was represented in part by a hieroglyph of human hair. The members of that formidable civilization had noticed a striking resemblance between colours and humans. To them colours were just like people - full of life, energy, power and personality. We now understand, as the Egyptians could only sense, how thoroughly the two are entangled. Colour, after all, is ultimately made by its perceivers. Every hue we see around us is actually manufactured within us - in the same grey matter that forms language, stores memories, stokes emotions, shapes thoughts and gives rise to consciousness. Colour is a pigment of our imaginations that we paint all over the world. Larger than any city, more intricate than any machine, more beautiful than any painting, it might in fact be the greatest human creation of them all.

I love discounted small cute stuff at bookstores, bought a tiger pin, a mini sketchbook and Perpetua pencil, an 80% graphite pencil made in Italy

airport -> home

  • MOS burger stands for mountain, ocean and Sun
  • I'm so tired today, what happened, did I not sleep well. family says it's like I never slept at all
  • Sleeping on the buses and trains is the best feeling

I love reading in planes

  • Read "Make Something Wonderful" by Steve Jobs and it's so inspiring. I couldn't stop reading it. Especially his speeches and emails. He was a true visionary, reading about the things he predicted back in the 80s and seeing it all come true now is surreal.
  • I felt more alive, it was the jumpstart I need being back from the trip. It's time to start building again. May is the month where I achieve all my goals.