Hard Work

A collection of interviews on hard work.

Richard Feynman

There's no talent or special miracle ability to understand quantum mechanics, to imagine the electromagnetic field, that comes without practice and reading and learning and study.

If you take an ordinary person who's willing to devote a large amount of time to study and work and thinking and mathematics and timeline, then he's become a scientist

John Carmack

There's a small subset of people that can be obsessive about things. Obsession can get things done that just practical prudent pedestrian work won't, or at least won't, for a very long time.

Kevin Systrom

There's no way you can expect changing the world without working very hard. Even people who changed the only nudged the world in a slight direction. To have great outcomes you need to work 3 standard deviations above the mean.

Andrej Karpathy

The focus should be more on how much you do. Pick the things you're interested in and spend 10,000 hours.