Professional vs personal growth

When I was working with Tesla during the summer, I felt I had to put my personal development on hold, because everyday when I got back from work, I felt mentally depleted.

It felt like a zero-sum game.

But finite mental energy is a fallacy.

Studies suggest it's not a depletion of energy, but a change in focus.

Instead of energy like a bucket of water being emptied, it's a hose that is channeled in a different direction.

So how to nurture your mental energy?

Here are 3 simple ways

  1. Manage your focus
    • challenge the idea that you're "out" of energy at the end of the day, expand your energy by directing it towards something that feeds your curiosity and creativity
  2. Reflect on how energy flows between various areas of your life
    • take time to look at your personal and professional projects, see how you can create synergy. Is there a topic you're personally curious about that you can bring into your work? This way you can grow in both areas at the same time.
  3. Surround yourself with energy expanders
    • Connect with people who also believe in nurturing and expanding their mental energy.