Grocery Stores

I had a mini trip to Des Moines today to submit my biometrics for my Canadian visitor visa application.

I got to visit the Iowa State Capitol, a 23-karat golden dome that towers above the city. The interior and artwork was really impressive, I peeked into the old Supreme Court room and went to the library and flipped through books on Iowa laws, and journals about the meetings they had.

After I gave my fingerprints and took a photo, I started my grocery store treasure hunt.

The first was Hyvee, I browsed around the store thinking about what I need.

The next was C Fresh Market, a popular grocery with food from Vietnam, Japan, Korea, China, Mexico, Africa, etc. I got all the asian ingredients there.

Then I went Trader Joe's and whole foods to get a bunch of fancy food an snacks I couldn't get elsewhere.

The last stop was Aldi, to buy all the meats and fruits.

It was fun driving around in a rented Chevy Spark.

Even though it was 40 degree C and I was melting, I spent quality time with my sister and stocked up on my essentials for the next month or so.

I'm starting off the semester strong.