The simple habit of practicing gratitude everyday can have immense benefit.

Gratitude is an affirmation of goodness.

We affirm that there are good things in this world. The gifts we've received, the love we get from friends and family.

We recognize that sources of this goodness are outside of ourselves.

We acknowledge that other people, or higher powers, gave us these gifts, big or small.

Gratitude unshackles you from toxic emotions.

It can boost your mood and mental health and protect your physical health.

It helps you sleep better, reduce stress, and improve relationships.

How to start? Start mornings with gratitude journalling. This way it carries throughout the day.

Give compliments to strangers and friends, open a door, donate to charity, spend time helping others. They all impact your brain positively.

Over time, effects of gratitude can last even longer.

We can train the neural networks of our brain to be grateful.