Golfing Experience

It was my second time trying out golfing at Top Golf today.

I hit ~80 shots, and only a handful were good.

Towards the end, my hands were starting to sore and all my shots were bad.

You need a firm grip and a stable swing, and I don't think my arms are strong enough, my golf club kept moving around.

I also think I'm not tall enough. I was using the hybrid club and had to hold it in an awkward position, and it kept hitting my arm.

Update: It's the day after I wrote this and arms and shoulders are sore and my grip is weak.

Some good tips I got for golfing are:

  • don't look where the ball goes as you're hitting it
  • bend your knees, loosen your shoulders and relax, I found taking a breath before each shot helped
  • bend your club towards where you want to hit, it helps direct the shot
  • don't charge for the shot at the start and hit like an axe, it should be a single circular motion that flows like water
  • focus on your grip and stance, then work on other things
  • focus on hitting the bottom of the ball

Here's what each club does in golf


1W - your main driver...typical loft is 9 degrees up to 15. These used to be actual wood, but now are getting more bulky, and are all metal.

3W - your fairway driver...hard club to master. Used for long par 4s or par 5 second shots.

5W - lofted to around 16-19 degrees. Can be used in the rough, hits a little shorter than > your 3W, and has a more shallow swingplane.


These are clubs that will look and feel like a hybrid between an iron and wood. They have no cavity back (empty back like an iron), but stand straighter up at address and have more loft. Hybrids have the same lofts as many of the irons, but give more consistency, strength, and ease of hitting the ball in the air than their iron counterpart. They are popular for hitting out of rough because of their ability to slide into the ball and not catch the grass behind the ball (this causes a flyer or a ball hit further than needed with little spin because the grass covers the grooves). They are also popular for seniors or women, but not exclusively. Kind of cool clubs and relatively new.


1 - nobody can hit this. Not even God. Don't know why I'm even including it.

2-4 - your long irons. Shallow face, not as much loft. You can hit these farther, and with > less backspin. They are typically used for distances on the fairway, anywhere from 180-240 to the green.

5-8 - your mid irons. More loft, used to hit from 130-180 yards out from the green. More > spin, and higher trajectory.

9, PW, GW, AW, SW - your short irons and wedges. 9 iron and PW are your clubs from 130 in. > Gap wedge is a wedge between your pitching and sand wedges. Auxiliary is a specialty wedge > that you could honestly make any loft. Sand wedge is for bunkers, or if you feel > comfortable with it, chipping and flop shots.


No explanation necessary, although there are different types of putters. An offset (referring to where the shaft meets the head) teardrop (shape) putter is a popular one.