SF Trip w Parents

Day #2 of bringing my parents around to touristy spots in California.

I decided on two spots: GGB and the Golden Gate Park.

It was fun driving past the bridge. Seeing people and bikers along the bridge reminded me of when I biked across the bridge with a friend on a tandem bike.

We went to two spots, Fort Baker and Golden Gate View Point

I thought SF would be a good idea but it was so windy and cold. It was also fog city.

We played the game of taking pictures as quickly as possible, and running back into the car to seek shelter.

I didn't mind the fog but the wind was just too much. SF was not this cold last year.

I was thinking at that time that a website that shows the current conditions of the bridge would be useful, and someone probably made one already.

It was already 3 p.m., the next stop was Good Luck Dim Sum on Clement St, dubbed the "New Chinatown".

We found parking in front of Wing Lee BBQ, and my parents decided to get some food. They were commending the taste and the price of the char siu.

"7 dollars for this is a good deal, you won't get this in Malaysia"

We walked down to the dim sum place and got shrimp and chive dumplings, egg tarts, steamed and baked pork buns.

I liked the egg tarts the most, it reminded me of the ones from home. Everything else was standard.

We went into the park at past 4 and everything was unfortunately closing.

It was also very windy and my parents were suffering from the cold.

I got clam chowder to warm them up.

We gave up trying to walk through the park and went back to the car.

I drove down to the windmills, we took some pictures.

I went to see the American bison next. They're huge in person.

I planned to go Twin Peaks to catch the sunset but that wasn't happening.

We ended up going to Japantown for ramen.

I finally got to try Marufuku Ramen.

There was a 50 minute waitlist upon arriving past 7.

So we killed time finding something at Chameleon Vintage. I copped a cool vintage Iowa State University sweater. I finally have ISU swag now that isn't overpriced. My mom bought a ring.

We all enjoyed some ramen and Takoyaki, talked about spending vs saving money, and then headed home.